Prices of Formal Shoes in Nigeria

A good shoe makes you complete! Also, a good shoe can define who you are. Are you planning to attend a corporate meeting and want to look formal? You will not want to put on the wrong pair of shoes to look ridiculous among your pairs. If you are going for a formal occasion, the best pairs of shoes to wear should be formal. There are several brands of corporate shoes in Nigeria and each comes at a different price and quality. The article features the prices of formal shoes in Nigeria. 

Suede Vs Leather Shoes in Nigeria

Choosing between leather top shoes and suede can be confusing if you love both materials. There are several high-quality leather corporate shoes in Nigeria as well as several suede formal shoes. Both materials can be worn for any formal occasion but there are noticeable differences between a leather shoe and a suede shoe. 

What Is Suede? 

Suede is a type of leather with a fuzzy, napped finish that is commonly used for making shoe tops. Suede corporate shoes are attractive and will make you stand out from the crowd. But when choosing a formal shoe, you should also look at its durability. Suede shoes can get wet easily. It will absorb water and harden to leave a nasty-looking stain if you don’t dry it immediately. 

What Is a Leather Shoe?

Most leather is synthetic while others are made from actual animal skins. Leather is strong, durable and easy to clean. Aside from that, leather is breathable, tearproof and abrasion-resistant, making it last longer. 

Type of Corporate Shoes and Their Prices 

Santiago Men’s Shoe

Santiago formal shoe in Nigeria and price

This type of shoe is made with thick leather which makes it durable and attractive. The shoe has silver pendants as an extra design. Also, the hard sole ensures that you enjoy your formal shoe in Nigeria for a long time. 

Price #15,000

Men Brogues Leather Shoe

Men's brogues shoes for sale in Nigeria and their prices

Are you looking for a formal shoe that has a strong sole and a thick leather top? This men’s black brogues leather shoe for sale in Nigeria is the perfect shoe for you. The shoe is breathable and comes in various sizes. 

Price #20,000

Men’s Oxford Formal Shoe

Men formal Oxford shoes for sale in Nigeria and prices

If you love wearing Oxford shoes in Nigeria, you will like the men’s Oxford leather shoes with a crocodile-designed top. No matter your feet size, there is always one for you. Get this long-lasting Oxford brogue shoe. 


Clark Shoes in Nigeria

Clark shoes for sale in nigeria

Clark is a good formal shoe brand that you must wear if you want to stay classic. Clark has different designs and qualities that you can choose from. And the best thing about wearing Clark Wallabees shoes in Nigeria is that they last longer. 

Price #20,000

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore corporate shoes for sale in Nigeria

Salvatore has several corporate shoes that you can wear to any formal occasion. This Salvatore has a thick leather top and strong outsole that makes it last longer under any weather conditions. 

Price #20,000


Berluti shoes for sale

Berluti is another shoe in Nigeria that you can wear to any occasion. This shoe has a durable leather top and a strong sole that offers value for the money. 

Price #15,000

Timberland Shoes in Nigeria

Timberland shoes for sale in Nigeria

Timberland has some suede and leather shoes that you can wear to any corporate meeting. This shoe brand is long-lasting and offers value for the money. 


So, Which Formal Shoe Is Right for Me?

There are various types and prices of formal shoes in Nigeria and each has its unique quality. You can wear any of these shoes to any occasion, and you will look just fine. 

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