Trendy Sneakers for Ladies and Their Prices in Nigeria

Are you looking for something cool and affordable to wear on your feet? There are several sneakers out there in the market that you can wear for any casual outing, but most of them are not up to par. Good sneakers made by top brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, and Converse are expensive. But did you know that you can wear Nike or Adidas sneakers in Nigeria, even if you want to cut back some cash? This article features trendy sneakers for ladies and their prices in Nigeria. Continue reading to find out. 

Nizza Platform Mid-Vegan Shoe

Adidas trendy sneakers for women in Nigeria

Are you looking for affordable trendy Adidas sneakers for women in Nigeria? Why not try Adidas Platform Mid-Vegan Shoe? These sneakers for ladies have a high shoe that ensures that they last long. Wear this sneaker to any casual outing and with your Jean and shirt.

Price is #41,000

Run Falcon 2.0 Shoes

Adidas running sneaker for women in Nigeria

Do you love running or jogging? If you do, then you should know the value of a good running sneaker. Do worry, Adidas has got you covered. Run Falcon 2.0 sneakers for ladies are trendy because it is affordable, attractive, and long-lasting. 

Price #27,400

Nike Air Max SC

Nike Air Max SC sneaker for women

Another trendy sneaker for ladies to consider is the Nike Air Max SC. These sneakers will make you stand out from the crowd. If you want something that looks sporty and cool, try this Nike and you won’t regret it. 

Price #42,000

Nike Court Legacy Canvas

Trendy Sneakers for women and prices

Do you want a sneaker for ladies that look classic? Nike Court Legacy Canvas gives you that classic feeling. Made with a long-lasting rubber sole and fabric top, Nike gives your outing a wonderful experience. 

Price #35,000

Chuck Taylor All-Star Surplus Canvas

Chuck Taylor sneaker for women

This is yet another trendy sneaker for ladies you can get in Nigeria. The best part of this sneaker of the high top and thick rubber sole. Get the best experience when you try out this Converse shoe. 

Price #45,000

Vans Slip On

Vans Slip-on

Vans Slip-on got its name from the fact that you can easily wear and remove it. This means that nothing is more comfortable than wearing these trendy women’s sneakers. It features a fabric top and rubber sole. 

Price #42,000

Vans Classic Slip On

Vans Classic Slip-O

Vans Classic Slip-On features low-profile canvas uppers and a supportive padded collar. Aside from that, it has elastic side accents and a signature rubber waffle outsole that makes it stand out. 

Price #46,000

So, which of these trendy sneakers for ladies in Nigeria should I choose? Well, the choice is yours. You can select from top brands if you want quality sneakers that will last long. 

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