What Is the Best 10000mAh Power Bank in Nigeria?

Do you want a low-cost yet durable power bank? Are you looking for the best 10000mAh power bank in Nigeria? How much is a 10000mAh power bank in Nigeria? If you want a power bank that is cheap and durable, continue reading this article to learn about the best 10000mAh power bank in Nigeria. 

What Is a 10000mAh Power Bank?

A 10000mAh power bank allows you to charge your smartphone 1.5 times. This power bank has an actual 6,600mAh capacity and can charge a 4000mAh smartphone one and a half times. Also, it will charge a 2000mAh phone three times. 

Types of 10000mAh Power Banks You Can Find in Nigeria

We are going to review power banks made by popular brands in Nigeria to find out which is the best in terms of price and quality.

itel 10000MAh Star100 Fast Charging Power Bank 

iTel 10000mah power bank in Nigeria

The price of the iTel power bank from the official store is ₦ 5,300, which is cheap for anyone that wants a durable power bank. With this power bank, you can charge your mobile devices 2.4 times and 3.6 times for iPhone 8. In terms of size, the iTel 10000mAh power bank is small and slim, weighing just 218g. It is compact, making it easy for you to put it in your pocket. 

Oraimo Compact 10000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank

Oriamo 10000mah power bank in Nigeria

Like the iTel 10000mAh power bank, the Oraimo 10000mAh power bank is compact and has a classic design. The 10000mAh capacity makes charging your iPhones 2.4 times and Samsung smartphones 1.5 times. It comes with a dual port that offers high-speed charging technology. The price of the Oraimo 10000mAh power bank is ₦ 7,900, which is higher than the iTel power bank. 

Tecno 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

Techno power bank

This Tecno 10000mAh power bank has wide compatibility and can charge around 99% of smartphones. It will charge Samsung, iPhones, Techno, Infinix, and Huawei phones efficiently. At most, it will charge your phone about 1.5 times when you use this device. The price of the Tecno 10000mAh power bank is ₦ 9,999, which is higher than that of iTel and Oraimo power banks. 

XIAOMI Redmi 10000mah Power Bank

Xiaomi Redmi 10000mah power bank

The Xiaomi Redmi 10000mAh power bank has two USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. The 5V 2.1 power input delivers fast charging for each device. It is portable and has a nice design. The price of this power bank from the official store is ₦ 11,200, which is more expensive than the other three. 

Anker 10000mah Power Bank

Anker power bank

This power bank is slim and compact, and compatible with different devices. Aside from that, it will charge your smartphone at least 1.5 times. The price of the Anker power bank is ₦ 20,999, which is expensive compared to the first four. 

So, Which Is the Best 10000mAh Power Bank in Nigeria?

The best 10000mAh power bank is the iTel because it is cheap, durable, compact, and offers fast charging. Other power banks are better, too, but if you consider durability and cost, iTel is the best to buy. 

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