Oraimo 20000mah vs. Itel 20000mah Power Bank Prices in Nigeria

Are you planning to buy a power bank? A power bank is, at this moment, the “best and most reliable bank in Nigeria.” But to enjoy a reliable power bank, you must go for the best. Of course, different brands make power banks of different sizes and capacities. If you want a power bank that lasts longer and is affordable, the Itel and Oraimo brands’ 20000mah power banks stand out. In this article, we will compare Oraimo 20000mah vs Itel 20000mah power bank features and prices in Nigeria. Continue reading to know more. 

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Oraimo 20000mah Power Bank Features and Price

Oraimo is a brand that makes electronic gadgets and dominates the Nigerian online market with products like earphones, power banks, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, clippers, etc. 

Oraimo 20000mah power bank prices


  • Battery cell type: Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 20000mAh (74Wh)
  • Input1 (Type-C): DC 5.0V 2A
  • Input2 (Micro USB): DC 5.0V 2A
  • Output1 (USB): DC 5.0V 2.1A Max
  • Output2 (USB): DC 5.0V 2.1A Max
  • Dimension: 157*78.5*22mm

This 20000mah power bank has Ultra-high capacity and can charge your phone four times. It comes with Type-C and Micro USB charging ports that make it easy for you to charge it and use it to charge your phones. 

The 20000mah power bank can automatically recognize a low-current device and switch charging mode to avoid damaging it. And when you connect it to your mobile phone, it charges at full speed. It is sweat-resistant, reducing corrosion on the surface, and surge resistant with short circuit prevention that keeps your device safe. 

Itel 20000mah Power Bank Features and Price

Itel is a reliable smart brand for everyone. It provides budget-friendly consumer electronic products and lifestyle products to everyone and has a product portfolio of smartphones, TV, accessories, electrics, home appliances, laptops, and lifestyle products.

Itel 20000mah power bank price


  • 20,000mAh Strong Capacity
  • With Bright LED Torch
  • Micro USB & Type-C Dual Input
  • Up to 2.1A Fast Charging for Two
  • 12 Months Warranty by Carlcare
  • Anti-Slip Texture
  • Certified Safe: Itel Superior Safety

The Itel 20000mah power bank is portable, allowing you to charge your phones without being tethered to a plug socket. With this power bank, you can charge your phone four times and two times for iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. 

It has two USB output ports that detect all the connected devices and distributes the current output up to 5V 2.1A. You can charge the power bank with the USB C and Micro USB ports in 10 hrs at 5V 2.0A. 

Prices of Oraimo Power Bank 20000mah and Itel 20000mah Power Bank

While there might be little difference in the features and capacities of the Oraimo 20000mah and Itel 20000mah power banks, the difference is in the price. Itel 20000mah power bank price in Nigeria direct from the official store is ₦ 9000 while the Oraimo 20000mah power bank price is ₦13,000. 

So, Which Should I Choose?

Both Itel and Oraimo 20000mah power banks are good devices and offer value for the money. Your choice is your personal preference. If you love the Oraimo brand, you can go for their 20000mah power bank. But if you love Itel, you can buy their 20000mah power bank too. 

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