What Is Oraimo Power Bank 40000mAh price in Nigeria?

Gone are those days when we had to ensure a low battery because of power failure. But thanks to power banks, no need to wait to charge your phone. One interesting thing about power banks is that the bigger the better. That is why the Oraimo 40000 mAh power bank is a must have in Nigeria. What is Oraimo power bank 40000 mAh price in Nigeria? Let’s find out.

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Oraimo 40000 mAh Power Bank Specifications

  • Capacity: 40000mAh (148Wh)
  • Input 1(Type-C): 5V 3A,9V 2A
  • Input 2(Micro-USB): 5V 2A,9V 2A
  • Output 5(Type-C): 5V 3A,9V 2.2A,12V 1.5A
  • Output 1 (USB-A): 5V 3A,5V 4.5A,4.5V 5A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A
  • Output 2 (USB-A): 5V 3A,5V 4.5A,4.5V 5A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A
  • Output 3 (USB-A): 5V 3A
  • Output 4 (USB-A): 5V 3A
Oraimo Power Bank 40000mAh price in Nigeria


  • 22.5W makes it easy to charge your device fast! Also, you can charge with advanced PD&QC protocol to get the fastest and safest experience. 
  • High capacity power bank that can last for 2 weeks. With its 40000mAh capacity, this power bank is your one-step solution for family power storage and emergency power supply in case of power outage. 
  • This Oraimo 40000mAh has a big Digital display that makes it easy for you to know your power percentage at a glance. 
  •  It has both 2A Micro-USB and Type-C port that enables you to fully recharge the power bank quickly. Also, the Type-C port supports both power input and output. 
  • AniFast™ Technology – Safer, Faster, and More Compatible. The built-in AniFast™ chip intelligently detects the optimal charging protocol to use to deliver the fastest charge for all kinds of devices. It’s also more robust in voltage surges and high temperature.

Price of Oraimo 40000 Power Bank in Nigeria

The Oraimo 40000 mAh power bank sells for ₦30,200 if you want to buy it directly from the Oraimo website. If you want to buy a power bank on Jumia, it costs ₦ 38,890 to get the 40000 mAh power bank. 

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