Itel 10000mah Power Bank vs. Oraimo 10000mah Power Bank

Are you planning to buy a power bank in Nigeria? Two brands come to mind when shopping for high-quality power banks. They are Oraimo and Itel. Both produce high-quality products, but there are a few differences between the brands, which makes it necessary to compare them. This article compares the Itel 10000mah power bank vs. Oraimo 10000 power bank by looking at their specifications and price. 

Itel 10000mah Power Bank Specifications

Itel 10000mah power bank


  • Capacity – 10000mah (37wh)
  • Input – Type-C input
  • Output – USB output 1:5V
  • Size – 142.7×67.6×14.9mm
  • Input over-voltage protection
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • Input over-current protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Reset function
  • Over temperature protection
  • Static electricity protection
  • Reverse insertion protection 

The Itel Star100 power bank 10000mah has a slim body design that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. The 10000mah capacity makes charging your device twice possible. Itel Star100 10000mah capacity supports a day’s electric use and gives you the peace of mind to take your work on the go. It has dual input and output that makes it easy for you to charge two phones simultaneously. If you ever need to charge your phone on a flight, Itel Star100 is allowed on airplanes. 

Oraimo 10000mah Power Bank Specifications

Oraimo 10000mah power bank


  • Capacity – 10000mah
  • Feature 2.4A Max fast charging
  • Type-C and Micro-USB dual input
  • USB dual output

The Oraimo 10000mah power bank has a dual output that charges up to two devices quickly without sacrificing charging speed. This power bank is powered by Oraimo AniFast technology. 

It comes with a light and slim body that makes it easy to carry it anywhere you go. Oraimo 10000mah power bank slim design gives you power on the go. Also, it comes with Type-C and Micro-USB charging ports, giving you flexibility on how to recharge it. 

The Oraimo 10000mah power bank is safe because it can withstand overcharging, over-discharging, and other faults. It offers reliable protection for both the power bank and your devices. 

Prices of Oraimo 10000mah Power Bank and Itel 10000mah Power Bank

The prices of Oraimo 10000mah power bank and Itel 10000mah power bank in Nigeria vary on the seller. If you buy directly from Oraimo and Itel, you can get them for a reduced price. The Oraimo 10000mah power bank cost ₦9,500 if you buy from Oraimo, while Itel costs ₦5,500. 

Oraimo 10000mah vs. Itel 10000mah Power Bank – Our Verdict

It is hard to tell which power bank is the best in terms of quality because they have similar features. They both protect your devices from damage and are designed to last longer. In terms of price, the Itel 10000mah power bank is cheaper than Oraimo. So, if you want a durable power bank in Nigeria, you can choose any of the two. 

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