Prices of Office Chairs in Nigeria

Are you planning to buy a new office chair? There are several types of desk chairs available in Nigeria. If you shop for office chairs in Jumia or Jiji, you will notice that they come in different price tags. What are the different prices of office chairs in Nigeria? Where can I buy an office chair in Nigeria? Continue reading to know more. 

What Is an Office Chair?

An office chair or desk chair is a type of chair that is designed for use at a desk in an office. It is a swivel chair with a set of wheels for mobility and adjustable height. Modern office desk chairs have a single load-bearing leg, which is positioned underneath the chair seat. 

How to Choose the Right Office Chair 

When it comes to choosing a chair, ensure that it is ergonomically suitable. Ergonomic means something is designed for efficiency or comfort in the working environment. When it comes to office chairs, this means that there will be some level of adjustable lumbar support, as well as the ability to adjust the seat height and angle to suit your body type, size, and preferences.

Consider the Height

The first thing to consider when choosing an office chair is the height. The most ergonomically sound position is to be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground (without compressing your thighs, which would reduce blood flow to your legs).

Consider Swivel

If you constantly move to reach things on your desk while working, you definitely need a chair that swivels so that you are not twisting and damaging your back. 

Choose a Chair with an Adjustable Backrest and Lumbar Support

If you want an ergonomically suitable office chair, you have to consider how easy it is to adjust the backrest. Adjusting the backrest allows the user to relieve any pressure on their upper back by adapting to their posture, which in turn reduces stress being exerted on their muscles and vertebrae.

Consider the Seat Material

The seat part of the chair should be adequately padded in order to offer support; this also applies to the back of the chair. The padding should be firm enough that your weight is held by the chair but not so hard that you can feel the parts of the chair underneath you which could inflict damage on the base of your spine.


Choose an office chair that can be adjusted to the perfect height, ensuring that elbows are perpendicular to the supports. Armrests that are too high or low could cause problems with your neck and spine.

Cost of Buying an Office Chair in Nigeria

The prices of office chairs in Nigeria vary according to the quality. While most chairs are cheap, others are expensive and last longer. 

Victory R Swivel Office Chair- Black

Price ₦ 30,000

Prices of Office Chairs in Nigeria

This office chair is designed to be highly comfortable. It features adjustable height, a curved backrest and armrest design, wheels that slide smoothly while moving on the floor, and stainless chrome casters. You can buy this chair on Jumia. 

Ergonomic Mesh Headrest Chair

Price ₦ 47,000

Desk chair

This chair has a headrest and adjustable height that makes it perfect for use in the office if you want to work for long hours. 

Leather Office Chair

Price ₦ 58,000

Office desk chairs

This is a luxury executive chair with a pillow top and back and fitted with breathable panels on the seat and back to keep you cool.

Where Can I Buy Office Chairs in Nigeria?

You can buy office chairs in any store that sells in Nigeria. Or, you can buy office chairs on Jumia or visit our store to get high-quality chairs.n

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