Composite Decking Frequently Asked Questions 

What is composite decking? Is composite decking better than wood? How do I maintain composite decking? What is composite decking lifespan? What are the different types of composite decking? What are composite decking clips and fasteners? Can I install composite decking with screws? Will I seal composite decking? Is composite decking hard to maintain? How do I install composite decking? These are some of the questions people ask before making their purchasing decisions to buy composite decking boards. This article provides answers to all these questions. 

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking or wood-plastic composite decking is a material you can use to build a deck in your house. Unlike wood decking, the composite board is synthetic, combining wood dust and plastic mixed and heated till a composite is formed. The mixture is then allowed to cool and cut into various shapes and sizes to form composite boards. 

Is Composite Decking Better than Wood?

This is another question people ask when they want to buy composite boards. The answer is yes. Composite wood decking is better than timber decking. Since wood will warp, splinter and swell when exposed to water and composite board won’t, it is no doubt that the latter is better than wood. Homeowners can install a composite deck and use it for a lifetime.

How Do I Maintain Composite Decking?

You should know that composite decking is easy to maintain. Unlike timber which requires sealing, painting, staining and scrubbing to remove mold, composite board is easy to clean. You should clean your decking at least once a year to remove stains and waste from the surface. Also, you can scrub your decking if it is stained with grease or oil. 

What Is Composite Decking Lifespan?

The average lifespan of composite decking is 25 years. Depending on how you use your decking and the grade you purchase, you can enjoy your composite decking for as long as 40 years. With the right maintenance, your decking can last a lifetime. Compared to wood, composite board last longer, making the extra cost worthwhile. 

What Are the Different Types of Composite Decking?

The different types of composite board are grooved and ungrooved decks, solid and hollow decks and capped and uncapped decking. Grooved decking has channels on its sides, while ungrooved decking doesn’t. Capped composite boards are the next-generation decking boards with plastic protection on their surface. Uncapped decking boards don’t. Solid composite decking doesn’t have hollows in the center, but hollow boards have. types of composite decking

What Are Composite Decking Clips and Fasteners?

Composite decking clips and fasteners are accessories used to install the boards. If you buy grooved composite decking, you need clips and fasteners to hook the boards to the joists. There are two types of clips – starter and intermediate clips. While the starter clips are used to install the boards at the edges, the intermediate is used on other boards. 

Can I Install Composite Decking with Screws?

If you buy solid and ungrooved composite boards, you can install them with screws. The downside of using screws to install your decking is that the edges will distort the beautiful appearance of your decking top. You can buy grooved boards and use clips and fasteners to install your decking to achieve a smooth surface. 

Will I Seal Composite Decking? 

You don’t have to seal composite boards during maintenance to protect them. Composite boards have an extra layer of plastic protection that prevents moisture absorption. This means that your decking will not swell, warp or rot when exposed to water. Wood, on the other hand, needs sealing. 

Is Composite Decking Hard to Maintain?

Nope, composite wood decking is not hard to maintain. All you need to keep your decking clean is a simple cleaning with soap and warm water. And if your decking is stained with oil or grease, you must scrub the surface to remove the stain. 

How Do I Install Composite Decking?

To install composite decking, you must have the right skills and experience. We recommend hiring a composite decking installer to help you build your decking. Since an installer has the right experience, it is guaranteed that your decking will last longer. 
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