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So, you have decided to install composite decking boards for your new outdoor project. The promise of little maintenance coupled with a long lifespan is too good to resist if you own a wood deck. But, the initial cost of buying and installing composite decking is higher than wood. What is the composite decking price? How much are composite decking boards? What are cheap ways to install composite decking? This article answers those questions and sheds light on the cheapest composite decks. 

Why Does Installing Composite Decking Price Varies?

The cost of building a deck in the UK varies depending on the materials used, the brand, installation cost and delivery. If you want the cheapest composite decks, you have to plan your decking well to save money. You should do these things to save money when buying and installing composite decking.

  • Choose cheap composite boards 
  • Choose a simple design,
  • Install it yourself
  • Save on delivery

Choose Cheap Composite Boards

What Are the Cheapest Composite Decks?

One of the reasons why composite decking board prices vary is because of how they are designed. Most decking makers have two kinds of boards: hollow and solid. 

Hollow composite decking boards have holes or spaces in their centre. While solid boards don’t. Another difference between hollow and solid is that hollow requires less material while solid requires more. 

That is why hollow composite boards are cheaper than solid boards. Let’s compare different boards to know their prices. 


Traditional hollow costs £25 per board. 

Traditional solid costs £30 per board. 

So, if you want to save money when you buy NeoTimber decking, you should go for hollow boards. 


Hollow costs £18 per board

Solid costs £25 per board.

If you desire to use Cladco, one way to save money will be to buy hollow boards. 

The same goes for Trex and other top decking makers. 

Choose a Simple Design 

Aside from the design of the decking, the boards have various designs. The prices we mentioned above apply to the standard deck without enhanced features. 

Enhanced composite decking, like wood grain boards, is more expensive than standard ones. So, if you want the cheapest composite boards, you should buy traditional boards with simple designs. 

Install It Yourself

Although composite decking is easy to work with, that doesn’t mean an amateur can build a deck. If you have the skills and time to build a deck, one way to save money is to install it yourself. 

Most decking installers in the UK will charge around £2.5 per meter to install your deck. The total amount your pay depends on how large your decking is. If you have a large deck, be ready to spend more on installation or do it yourself. 

Another way to save money when building your deck is to hire an installer in the off-season. Most decking installers will charge less when they have less work than when there are many bookings. 

Save on Delivery 

After buying the decking boards, they must be delivered to where you want to install them. While most decking suppliers offer free delivery above certain orders, others don’t. 

So, if you want the cheapest option to install composite decking, you have to look for a supplier that offers free delivery when you buy above a certain amount. 

Other Things You Need to Install Your Decking

You need more than composite boards to install a deck. Other accessories to build a deck are screws, clips and fasteners, fascia, rails, stairs for elevated decking, etc. If you want cheap decking, you can build ground-level or flush decking. This design is simple to install and does not cost money. Elevated decking with stairs and rails will cost more to build. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Best Composite Decking for the Money?

While it is hard to say which maker offers the cheapest composite decking, you can save on the cost by choosing the board wisely. Hollow composite decking is the best for the money if you want to build your decking in a low-traffic area. Since they use fewer materials, they are far cheaper than solid boards. 
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