Wall Grass for Home Interior and Exterior Decoration in Nigeria

Beautifying your home is not an easy task. Thanks to the various home improvement materials available, Nigerian homeowners can increase the curb appeal of their house with less effort, and on a budget. There are several cheap home decoration materials you can get if you are on a budget. Adding a beautiful wall covering is an idea that is not so bad for any Nigerian home. One common example of a wall covering is paint, but it can fade quickly and become less attractive. Another example of a good wall covering is wallpaper. While using wallpaper in Nigeria is perfect, you can get tired of the design. Adding a green wall to your house is possible with artificial wall grass. Artificial wall grass in Nigeria as a wall covering offers durability, aesthetic value, and longevity. This article discusses wall grass for home interior and exterior decoration in Nigeria. 

What Is Artificial Wall Grass? 

Do you love nature and want to live indoors like you are outdoors? What better way to create a natural look and feel in your house than to add grass to it? But adding grass to your house can be a problem. Why? Maintenance! If you want a grass wall, you have to plant creeping plants that will crawl all over the wall. While creeping plants can add beauty, they will take time to grow, and it is not easy to maintain. Now, this is where artificial wall grass comes in. 

Have you seen lush green wall grass in the lobby of a modern business place or luxury hotel? Did you notice that those wall grass are not planted but synthetic, looking beautiful like real hedge grass? Yes, artificial wall grass is a home interior and exterior design material that Nigerian homeowners can use to design their houses. It is attractive, durable, and comes in different grades and qualities. Also, you can install artificial wall grass anywhere in your house. 

What Is Artificial Wall Grass Made of?

Artificial wall grass in Nigeria is made of synthetic materials like polyethylene, UV inhibitors, and colors that make it attractive. Like the regular artificial grass that is used on the ground, wall grass is beautiful and easy to maintain, adding beauty and providing protection to your house wall. 

Where Can I Use Artificial Wall Grass in Nigeria? 

Wall Grass for Home Interior and Exterior Decoration in Nigeria

Artificial creeping wall grass is an alternative to a living hedge that is used as a fence. But unlike living hedges, artificial wall grass has more uses. Homeowners in Nigeria can use artificial wall grass anywhere in their house. Do you want your sitting room to look natural? You can install artificial wall grass on your wall to make it look attractive. If you have a lobby in your house, you can cover the wall with artificial grass to give it a natural feel. Homeowners that want a natural look in their bedroom can add artificial wall grass on the wall. You can use wall grass anywhere you can think of in your house. 

What Is Wall Grass Price in Nigeria?

Wall grass comes at various prices that homeowners can choose from. Since they are sold in square meters, the price range from #4500 to #12000 per square meter depending on the pile height. 


Wall grass for home interior and exterior decoration in Nigeria. Using wall grass in your house is a great way to increase its curb appeal and add value to your property. Wall grass lasts longer and is easy to maintain, making it the perfect material to bring the outside inside. 

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