How to Install Wall Grass in Nigeria

Are you planning to decorate your house with wall grass? Wall grass is of course a great way to spice up your home interior and exterior. Also, you can create a beautiful theme inside your house or in your backyard with your grass wall. To enjoy the benefits of wall grass, you have to buy it from a trusted supplier, plan the design and install it. If you are yet to buy your turf, you can check out Shopsavis online store and order your artificial wall grass. After purchasing your grass, the next thing to do is plan the design and install the turf. Let’s get started on how to install wall grass in Nigeria.          

Planning Your Design

Planning your design is crucial to getting it right when you want to install wall grass in Nigeria. This is the stage where you decide where you want to install the artificial wall grass and settle for the best design that fits it. 

Measure the Wall

Before you do anything, you have to measure where you want to install the wall grass to know how much you need. Do you want to install the grass in your living room or lobby? Are you planning to fix the grass on all the walls, or just one? You have to know the size of the wall you will install the turf on by measuring it with tape. So, you should measure the length and height of the wall in meters and multiply the result to get your final result in square meters. Do the same for all the walls if you plan to install artificial grass on more than one wall. 

Choose Your Design

Do you want to add an extra design to your wall grass? Most homeowners will use artificial grass and add synthetic flowers to make it extra beautiful. So, you can choose your design accordingly and add your taste. While most homeowners will use artificial grass carpet tiles for their walls, others will use artificial flower panels to design their home interior. 

How to Install Wall Grass in Nigeria

Install Your Grass

Installing your wall grass requires careful planning. The tools required to install your grass are a tape measure, staple gun, scissors, chalk, and safety glasses. After getting all the tools you need to install your wall grass, you should get the grass ready. You can use artificial grass tiles, long rows of artificial grass, or panels of artificial flowers in your house. 

For a better hold on the wall, it is best to use artificial grass tiles or panels of artificial flowers. But if you want to install your house in a large room, you can use long rolls of artificial grass carpet. Now that you have your wall grass, cut it with your scissors to the shape of the wall. Ensure that you wear a safety glass to prevent particles from getting into your eyes. 

If you are using artificial grass tiles or panels of artificial flowers, you can start fixing them from one corner of your wall until you have covered the whole wall. To ensure that grass remained fixed to the wall, you should use the staple gun to pin it to the wall. If you are dealing with strong walls like concrete, you will need a strong adhesive to attach the grass to the wall. 

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