How Much Is Artificial Wall Grass in Nigeria?

Adding beautiful artificial wall grass to your house is one way to spice your home interior innovatively. But that is not all. Wall grass provides the best wall covering for any home. And you can use wall grass in your home interior and exterior. There are different types of artificial wall grass that you can use, and they come at different prices. If you want to install wall grass on your wall, you have to visit a supplier. But before that, you have to know how much artificial wall grass is in Nigeria before you go. 

Different Types of Wall Grass

There are different types of wall grass that you can use for your indoor and outdoor wall covering project. 

Artificial Grass Turf

Also called artificial grass carpet or synthetic grass, this kind of artificial turf is multipurpose. Homeowners have used it to floor their home interior and exterior. But beyond flooring your home, you can use artificial grass carpet on your wall. One interesting thing about artificial turf carpet is that it is durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. And if you fix it to your wall, it will last longer, providing the looks and feel of natural grass creeping on a wall. Synthetic turf is made of polyethylene, UV inhibitors, and colors that make it attractive. Artificial grass turf in Nigeria comes in different sizes. You can use 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, or 50 mm grass turf on your wall. And if you want something different from the regular green, you can use blue, red, or yellow artificial grass turf as wall grass. 

Artificial Foliage Wall Grass

Another kind of wall grass you can use to cover the wall of your house is foliage grass. This kind of artificial foliage is different from the regular turf that looks like carpet grass. Artificial foliage wall grass looks like flowers and can transform the aesthetic of your house into a modern one. Foliage grass comes in various flower designs and colors that make them perfect for home interior and exterior. Aside from that, you can use artificial foliage grass for event decoration.   

How Much Is Artificial Wall Grass in Nigeria?

Price of Wall Grass in Nigeria

Now that you know the different types of wall grass to use in your house, it is time to know how much is wall grass in Nigeria. Well, the price depends on the material you want to use. If you want to use artificial grass turf on the wall, you will buy it per square meter. But if you want to use artificial foliage grass, you will buy it in a box of 50 × 50 cm. 

This is a table containing the price of wall grass in Nigeria.

Wall GrassPrice per square meter 
10 mm artificial grass #4500 
25 mm artificial grass #7500
35 mm artificial grass #8000
50 mm artificial grass #10500
20 mm blue artificial grass #8300
20 mm red artificial grass #8300
20 mm yellow artificial grass #8300
Artificial foliage grass Price per box
50 × 50 cm foliage flower#14,000

Where Can I Buy Wall Grass in Nigeria?

You can buy artificial wall grass online from Shopsavis. Shopsavis sells various kinds of artificial turf in Nigeria.

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