Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration in Nigeria

Artificial flowers – artificial plants, silk plants, fake plants, faux foliage, or whatever you called them – provide the modern-day solution to cultivating natural flowers in your home. Do you want to decorate your home with lovely, bright-colored flowers, but don’t have the time and will to plant them? There are lots of busy homeowners in Nigeria that have no time to plant and care for flowers in their homes. So, the solution is to add a mind-blowing artificial plant inside or outside your house. This article discusses artificial flowers for home decoration in Nigeria.

What Are Artificial Flowers Made Of?

If you want to enjoy the beauty of natural plants, you have to cultivate them by planting seeds or stems. But planting and cultivating a flower is a time-consuming task that requires extra care. Aside from that, you have to wait for a few weeks before the flower blooms. 

Artificial plants or flowers made it easy to enjoy the beauty of natural flowers right away. This is because you don’t have to plant them and wait for weeks. Artificial flowers are made of different materials from paper to silk and polyester and plastic for the stems. 

Top-grade artificial plants in Nigeria are made of silk, rayon, and cotton for the flowers while their stems are usually wire-wrapped in tear-resistant papers. This will make the stem and blooms of the artificial plants appear more alive and last longer. 

Artificial flowers and plants are made in the Pearl River area of Guangzhou province in China. The industry is more advanced with several manufacturing processes employed to make the flowers. 

Where Can You Use Artificial Plants in Nigeria?

Do you want to design your home interior? You can use artificial flowers or plants in Nigeria to decorate your house. Inside your house, you can place flowers in your living room, bedroom, lobby, game room, kitchen, library, and children’s room. 

Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration in Nigeria

There are several ways to use artificial flowers in Nigeria when decorating your house. You can hang the flowers on your wall to create a beautiful theme. This can be done by mixing different kinds of faux flowers to make them look natural. Aside from hanging flowers on your wall, you can place a small or large flower or palm plant on a table or on the ground. 

If you are a lover of bright flowers, you can use them inside your house to replace natural flowers. Another place you can use artificial plants in Nigeria is outdoors. Instead of planting flowers around your house and waiting for them to grow, you can use artificial plants for home decoration. 

If you prefer palm plants or any type of flowers that you can think of, you can add them to your home exterior. Did you know that you can use artificial carpet grass to design your lawn? Yes, you can add artificial grass carpet to your property and combine it with artificial flowers to get a beautiful landscape that is perfect for any occasion. 

How Do You Clean Artificial Flowers?

Cleaning your artificial flower is crucial, especially when you have used it for a long time. This is because artificial plants will accumulate dust like every other household material over time, which will eventually make it dirty. So, to make your artificial flowers attractive all year round, you have to clean them regularly. 

This means shaking the dust off the flowers when you clean your house. Or, you can simply use a duster to wipe dust particles off the surface of your artificial plants. The more you clean your flower, the less likely it is that dirt will accumulate on the surface. 

Price of Artificial Flowers in Nigeria

There are different types of artificial plants for sale in Nigeria. So, you should expect different price tags for each plant. You can get quality artificial flowers by visiting Shopsavis online store. Most artificial flowers in Nigeria are sold with the vase that houses them. The price range of artificial plants in Nigeria ranges from #3000 and can reach #90000 depending on the size and quality of the flower you want to buy. You can get a plastic vase with 2 pieces of sunflowers for ₦ 6,000, a palm flower with a raffia table vase for ₦5000, palm flowers with brick design for ₦5000, 3 sets of artificial palm flowers in Nigeria for ₦7000, etc. 


Using artificial flowers for home decoration in Nigeria makes it easy for homeowners to design their houses with less effort. Artificial plants offer an easy-to-use alternative to natural plants because you don’t have to wait for weeks before they grow, and you don’t have to cultivate them at all. To enjoy the benefits of a beautiful artificial plant, you have to purchase it from a supplier. You should expect to spend between ₦3000 and ₦90000 on the flower, depending on the type and quality you want to buy. 

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