How Much Is an Artificial Flower in Nigeria?

Artificial plants and flowers are a great way to add beauty to your house. They will never outgrow their pots, droop, or turn yellow, and there is no need to maintain them. Aside from that, artificial flowers and plants are pet-safe and children-safe, because there is no need to add harmful fertilizer to the plant to make it grow. Like real flowers and plants, artificial flowers will make your room or sitting room feel vibrant and welcoming to your visitors, who won’t able to tell the difference between it and the real thing. But to enjoy the benefits faux flowers have to offer, you have to purchase them. So, how much is an artificial flower in Nigeria? This article looks at the price of artificial plants in Nigeria.  

Price of Artificial Flowers in Nigeria

The price of artificial plants in Nigeria varies on the kind and quality of the grass. While most faux flowers come with the pot you will place them on, others don’t. If you want to buy quality artificial flowers, you can use the Shopsavis online store to find what you want. Where are artificial Flowers made? 

Faux flowers are made in China and imported to Nigeria, where they are used. So, when buying artificial plants in Nigeria, you should have in mind that the fluctuation in dollar price can affect how much you will pay. Now let’s dive into the price of artificial flowers in Nigeria and examine the various options available online. 

Cost of Artificial Plants/Flowers in Nigeria

Palm flowers with Rafia table vase#5,000
Cactus spurge 26 cm –  green#13,000
Lavender artificial bush#15,000
Palm flowers in a white plastic vase#4,500
Pink hydrangea bush#39,950
Artificial fern with vase – 3 set#4,800
Sunflower with table flower vase – 2 set#6,500
Raffia table vase with sunflower 2 pcs#6,500
12 foam artificial rose with stem#1,200
Artificial lotus flower with vase#1,500
Artificial plant philodendron tree – 180 cm#35,000
Artificial palm plant – 180 cm#45,000
Artificial areca palm tree – 180 cm#50,000
Artificial banana tree – 200 cm#60,000
Cost of Artificial Plants/Flowers in Nigeria

Where You Can Put Your Artificial Plant

There are several places you can add artificial flowers to your house if you want to design your home interior and exterior. 

Interior Design

One place Nigerian homeowners can add artificial plants is inside their house. This can be in their living room, kitchen, lobby, library, or bedroom. Beautiful artificial flowers will send a bold message to your visitors when they enter your house and create a good impression. There are several artificial plants you can get in Nigeria and each comes in different colors and sizes. You can use bright pink artificial flowers to brighten up a dull room. 

How Much Is an Artificial Flower in Nigeria?

Or, you can place a large artificial palm tree in one corner of your sitting room or lobby to create an impression. If you are a lover of artificial grass, and you lay it inside your house, you can combine it with artificial flowers to make it look great. And don’t forget that you can add artificial wall grass along with artificial plants and grass to create a beautiful interior for your house. 

Exterior Design

Aside from using artificial plants inside your house, you can use them outside. Do you have a lawn in your backyard? Artificial flowers can save you the stress of hiring a gardener to trim your grass after planting it. You can replace or combine natural flowers with artificial plants in your garden or backyard. And if you want to create a beautiful theme in your backyard, you can combine artificial grass, flowers, and wall grass. 

Install artificial grass on the ground, wall grass on your wall, and place artificial flowers around your backyard. Aside from placing artificial flowers on the ground, you can hang them and make them float. If you love creeping plants, you can use creeping artificial plants also. You don’t have to wait for years before you can enjoy the beauty of a palm tree in your backyard. So, you can use a large artificial palm tree to add taste to your garden. 


There are various types of artificial plants in Nigeria and each comes at different prices. The price range of artificial flowers in Nigeria starts at #1,000 and can reach #150,000 depending on the size and whether it comes with a vase. Use quality artificial flowers to decorate your home interior and exterior and to save the stress of cultivating real plants in your garden.            

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