Should I Plant Carpet Grass or Buy Artificial Grass?

Are you bothered about which material to use in your backyard? You will certainly select natural carpet grass if you love a green environment. But with carpet grass comes tedious maintenance. You must wet, trim and spray your natural carpet grass with chemicals if you want it to stay attractive. The other alternative to natural carpet grass is artificial turf. Like carpet grass, synthetic turf will give you a lovely green backyard when you lay it. This article answers the question, should I plant carpet grass or buy artificial grass? 

What Material Should I Use to Landscape My Property?

There are lots of materials homeowners can use to landscape their property. Carpet grass is one landscaping option available when designing your backyard or front yard. Aside from carpet grass, homeowners can use concrete pavings for landscaping their property. If you are not satisfied with carpet grass and concrete slabs, you can use outdoor floor tiles to make your compound attractive. The aim of landscaping your property is to make it attractive. 

A beautiful outdoor space will increase your home’s worth and resale value should you decide to sell it. Aside from that, a well-landscaped backyard will ensure that erosion does not eat deep into your property. When you plant carpet grass in your home, the turf will hold water from eating your garden’s topsoil, preventing erosion. Concrete slabs and outdoor floor tiles also do a good job of preventing erosion. But where does artificial grass come into the picture? 

If you are a nature lover, you will know that carpet grass adds green scenery to your backyard. Also, the lushness of the turf cannot be compared to the hard surface of concrete or floor tiles. Since carpet grass has disadvantages, artificial turf was developed to replace it. Artificial grass carpet looks like real grass. It is attractive, green and soft to walk on. So, if you are looking for a material to landscape your property, synthetic turf is one of them. 

Carpet Grass or Artificial Grass, Don’t Know Which to Use

If you have decided to floor your backyard with turf, you will be left with selecting carpet grass or artificial grass. Now, this is where most homeowners get it wrong. When you hear about artificial or synthetic turf for the first time, you will likely conclude that it will not look natural. But wait, does synthetic turf look fake. Well, not really. Newer generation artificial grass looks real. In fact, homeowners will find it hard to tell the difference between it and real turf. This is because artificial grass looks green like carpet grass. 

Also, artificial grass has a long blade length, making it look like real grass. And if you think that carpet grass is easy to walk on, try artificial grass. The synthetic turf blades are soft, providing a soft surface when you step on them. There is no difference between artificial turf surface texture and natural carpet grass. But this does not mean that there are no differences between the two. Let’s consider them in the next heading. 

 Buy Artificial Grass

Plant or Lay, The Differences Are Obvious

Did you notice that the title uses plant before carpet grass and buy before artificial carpet grass? If you want to enjoy the benefits of carpet grass, you have to plant it in your backyard. But the problem is that planting natural carpet grass is not as easy as it seems. You have to prepare the soil, add manure and spray the ground with water to make your turf grow. But synthetic turf is different. Homeowners will have to buy artificial grass from a supplier if they want to enjoy the benefits of the turf. And after buying synthetic turf, homeowners will lay it in their backyard or home interior. Enjoying artificial grass is as simple as that. No need to water the soil, add manure or plant any seeds.

Easy to Maintain

Another reason artificial grass is better than planting carpet grass is that it is easy to maintain. Maintaining your turf means cleaning it to prolong its lifespan. But the way you maintain artificial grass and natural carpet grass differs. Are you tired of mowing with a lawnmower? Then you should try synthetic grass. When you lay synthetic turf on your property, there is no need to use a lawnmower to trim the surface. Aside from that, there is no need to spray chemicals on your artificial turf surface. The only cleaning required is a simple sweeping with a broom to remove leaves and twigs. Another interesting thing about artificial grass is combining it with outdoor floor tiles and concrete slabs. 


Should I plant carpet grass or buy artificial grass? If you are at a crossroads between selecting artificial grass and carpet grass, you should consider their attributes. Carpet grass is not easy to maintain as synthetic turf. Artificial turf is the best option because it is easier to maintain and cheap to install. 

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