Can I Use Artificial Grass Indoors?

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular today because it provides a long-lasting flooring solution for homeowners. Property owners can use artificial turf to landscape their backyard and front yard. Aside from that, property owners can use synthetic turf to landscape commercial areas and school playgrounds. Artificial grass provides a modern and cost-effective outdoor flooring solution when you use it on your property. But the use of artificial turf extends beyond the outdoors. If you want a beautiful home interior, property owners in Nigeria can use synthetic grass as a rug. This article answers the question, can I use artificial grass indoors? 

Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass

Before going to the uses of artificial grass, let’s understand the differences between synthetic turf and natural grass. For beginners, artificial grass is a flooring material created to replace natural carpet grass. This landscaping material is durable, strong, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from that, synthetic turf lasts longer than real turf. When you lay it on your property, you can expect it to last for about 8 years. Some brands of artificial turf will even last longer than that. 

Another interesting thing about artificial grass is that it looks like real grass. Do you want your backyard to have the lush green appearance of natural carpet grass? Synthetic turf is the best material for that. The blades of artificial grass turf are long, making it look and feel like carpet grass. Another good thing about artificial turf is that the color will not fade. Most synthetic materials will fade when you lay them under the sun, but not artificial grass. 

The turf contains UV inhibitors that keep the color shining under any weather conditions. If maintaining carpet grass is your problem, synthetic turf is the solution. When you lay artificial turf, there is no need to use chemicals to treat the grass. Also, homeowners don’t have to use a lawnmower to trim the blade of artificial turf. This makes synthetic grass a cost-effective outdoor flooring material. 

How Much Is Artificial Grass in Nigeria? 

The price of artificial grass in Nigeria varies depending on the size and the pile height. If you wonder how much you will spend to purchase artificial carpet grass, you can ask a supplier. Most synthetic grass suppliers like Shopsavis Artificial Grass sell their turf in rolls of 20 square meters. This means that the minimum you can purchase from them is 20 square meters of artificial grass. For 10 mm green artificial grass, you will spend about #90000 for 20 square meters. If your backyard is 50 square meters, you will spend about #225,000 to purchase the artificial grass.

Another thing that affects synthetic grass price is the colour of the texture. Homeowners can get green, red, blue and yellow artificial carpet grass in Nigeria. Of the colors mentioned, green artificial turf is the cheapest. So, if you want to buy blue, yellow or red artificial turf, you should expect to spend more money on the turf. 

Can I Use Artificial Grass Indoors?

Where Can I Use Artificial Grass?

You can use artificial grass outdoors. If you have a backyard that needs landscaping, synthetic turf is the best material to use. Aside from your backyard, property owners can use artificial grass for school playgrounds. Do you want a turf that will last long in places with heavy foot traffic? Synthetic turf is the best material for schools and commercial settings. And if you have a playground, you can landscape it with artificial turf. All these places we mentioned are outdoor. Can I use artificial grass inside my house?

Indoor Artificial Grass Carpet

One interesting thing about artificial grass that makes it different from natural carpet grass is that you can use it inside your property. Homeowners in Nigeria can use artificial grass indoors as well as outdoors. If you want flooring material to use in your children’s playground, synthetic turf is the best material. With artificial grass, you can bring the outdoors indoors. Homeowners can enjoy the lushness of natural carpet grass when they lay synthetic turf in their living room. Aside from that, if you want a soft surface to walk on, you can use artificial grass as a rug. Artificial grass rugs are a great way of adding beauty to your home. It is perfect for your sitting room, living room, office and kids’ playgrounds. 


Can I use artificial grass indoors? Yes, you can. You can lay artificial grass rugs in your living room, sitting room, children’s playground, office, gym and in the exhibition room.

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