Before Buying an Artificial Grass Rug, Do This

Are you planning to buy an artificial grass rug? Homeowners in Nigeria are educated to lay synthetic turf in their homes. Why wouldn’t they? Artificial grass has many qualities that make it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The grass is attractive and comes in different vibrant colors that can change the aesthetics of your home. Aside from that, artificial turf is durable, lasting longer than real grass under any weather conditions. And if you want an easy maintenance lawn, artificial turf is the best option to select. These features make artificial grass rugs a must-install flooring material in every home. But before buying an artificial grass rug, you have to do something. 

What to Do Before Purchasing Synthetic Grass

There are several things homeowners must do before buying artificial grass in Nigeria. One thing is to know the measurement of where they want to lay the grass. Are you laying your artificial grass rug outdoors? If you are, then you must measure your backyard. Or, do you want to use artificial turf on your dog run? Artificial grass is perfect for dogs. The turf backing is thick, making it not tear when your dogs dig into it. Aside from that, cleaning dog poo and urine from artificial grass is easy. 

You can use the best artificial grass for dogs on your dog run or garden if you have pets on your property. Like laying it in your garden, you have to measure the area. The essence of measuring the area you will lay artificial grass is to know how much turf you need. Artificial grass carpets are sold in rolls of 20 square meters. This means that your backyard might be that size or larger. The only way to know is when you measure it. 

How to Measure Your Backyard before Purchasing Synthetic Turf

To know how much artificial grass you need, you have to measure the length and breadth of your backyard. Use a measuring tape to take the length by starting and drawing it to the end. Afterwards, you can do the same to get the breadth of your backyard. So, to determine how much artificial grass carpet rolls you need, you have to convert the result to square meters. To do that, multiply the length and breadth to get your result.

 For example, if the length of your backyard is 10 meters and the breadth is 2 meters, the result will be 20 square meters. This indicates that you need 20 square meters of artificial grass carpet rolls in your backyard. If your backyard is larger than that, you need more than that. After knowing how much artificial turf you need, you can then purchase it. There are many artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria that you can choose from. 

After Buying Your Artificial Grass..

After buying your artificial grass, you have to lay it. Laying synthetic turf is easy if you are a skilled worker. This should not be a difficult task if you have experience laying artificial grass. But if you are buying your grass for the first time, you will need the help of an artificial grass installer. There are lots of expert artificial grass installers that you can choose from. But you should ensure that you select the best turf installer to do a good job. 

hire artificial grass installer after buying an artificial grass rug

Whether laying your turf yourself or hiring an installer, you still have to know what it takes to install synthetic turf. Artificial grass installation is not an easy task. Homeowners must clear their backyard or where they want to lay it to remove debris. After that, you should ensure that the ground is levelled. Your artificial grass turf needs a good foundation, or base, as some will call it. So, you should add crushed stones or gravel to the base of your grass. 

To ensure that the gravel remains in the ground, use a mechanical roller to press the gravel to make it firm. This way, you will have a solid base that ensures that your turf is properly drained. Aside from laying gravel, homeowners must lay a thin layer of sand. With sand underneath your artificial grass, you will be able to walk on it without feeling the crushed stones. Then, you can lay your artificial grass and ensure that you seam the edges where you joined two turfs properly. 


Before buying an artificial grass rug, do these things on your property. First, you have to measure your backyard to know how much turf you need. And after measuring your property, you have to install the grass. 

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