How Many Years Will Artificial Grass Last in Nigeria?

Artificial grass, the modern landscaping material for every home, is becoming popular today. Homeowners in Nigeria are increasingly using it in their home interior and exterior. If you are yet to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass, why not try Shopsavis Artificial Grass. But before you do, you will want to know how many years artificial grass will last when you install it in Nigeria. This article provides all the information homeowners in Nigeria need to make their buying choice before laying synthetic turf on their property. 

Reading Tip: For indoor and outdoor use, the lifespan of artificial grass in Nigeria is usually between 8 and 10 years. Some brands can even last longer than that. Aside from that, the lifespan of your synthetic grass depends on how you use and maintain it. Homeowners should use their artificial carpet grass with utmost care in Nigeria. This way, they will increase the lifespan of their turf. 

Why Artificial Grass Will Last Longer than Natural Carpet Grass

Homeowners love green, most especially when the green comes from natural plants. As with most plants, carpet grass needs water and constant care to make it last longer. For example, homeowners that plant carpet grass in Nigeria will testify that they have to spray the grass with water to make it grow. Aside from that, homeowners must treat their grass with chemicals to prevent diseases. And if plant diseases and drought are not the problems of your grass, you must trim the blades with a lawnmower to make it look attractive. This shows that carpet grass needs constant care. And caring for carpet grass also required spending cash. If you can not do the maintenance task yourself, you have to hire a gardener to help you. This laborious carpet grass maintenance makes some homeowners stop caring for their grass. And when they do this, their grass stops growing and becomes less attractive. Eventually, carpet grass will die off. Artificial grass stands in contrast to carpet grass. 

Artificial Grass Long Lifespan Is as a Result of…..

If you love carpet grass but want something that is easy to maintain and lasts longer, you can select the better alternative – artificial grass. The price of artificial grass per square meter in Nigeria is not much compared to other flooring materials. Aside from that, synthetic turf is better than carpet grass because of its long lifespan. The average lifespan of artificial grass is 8 years. This means that when you buy artificial carpet grass in Nigeria, you will enjoy the turf for up to 8 years. Some brands of synthetic turf will even last longer than that. Artificial grass has a long lifespan due to it being a synthetic material. Plastic or nylon are the materials used to make artificial grass. During the process of making the turf, UV inhibitors and colors are added to it. This gives artificial turf its attractive and fade-resistant color that makes Nigerian homeowners enjoy the benefits for a long time. 

How to Make Your Artificial Grass to Last Even Longer

artificial grass lifespan

Synthetic turf will last longer, yes, but that is not a guarantee that you will use it for up to 8 years. To ensure that you enjoy your artificial grass after installing it in Nigeria, you must maintain it properly. Here are what Nigerian homeowners must do to care for their artificial grass. 

Clean Your Artificial Grass to Make It Attractive

Nigerian homeowners must clean their artificial carpet grass to make it attractive. To do this, you should remove leaves and twigs from your turf surface. Aside from that, if there are food droppings on your artificial grass, you should remove them before they start decaying. If food decay on your turf, it can cause mold and mildew growth on it. Mould and mildew can make your lawn unusable. 

Remove Dog Poop and Urine from Artificial Turf

For homeowners that have pets, it is essential that you clean your artificial carpet grass regularly to remove poo and urine. Artificial grass is perfect for dogs. If you have pets, you can use the best artificial grass for dog cleaner for the task to clean your lawn. This way, you will ensure no odor build up on your turf. 

Don’t Put Hot Object on Your Artificial Grass

Hot objects can destroy your artificial grass when you place them on it. Homeowners should avoid placing a hot grill on their synthetic lawn to prevent burn. 


How many years will artificial grass last in Nigeria? The lifespan of artificial grass is between 8 and 10 years. This means that Nigerian homeowners will enjoy their lawn for a long time with less strenuous maintenance. 

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