Rubber Tiles or Artificial Grass, Which Add More Value to a Home?

Building a home is a good investment. But building your home with high-quality material is a better investment. There are several ways to increase the value of your home when building it. You can furnish the walls of your sitting room, kitchen, and bathroom to make them attractive. One part of the house homeowners often ignore is the landscape. Most homeowners will care for their home interior and ignore the exterior. You can use artificial grass or rubber tiles for landscaping your property. So, rubber tiles or artificial grass add more value to a home?

Why Use Rubber Tiles on Your Property?

Rubber tiles are made from natural rubber or recycled material like used tires. Although the material contains rubber, it doesn’t look like one when you install it on your property. Rubber floor tiles have an attractive surface texture that adds beauty to your property. Aside from that, rubber floor tiles come in different shapes and thicknesses that make them perfect for different house parts.

 If you want a durable flooring material that you can use inside and outside your home, you can go for rubber floor tiles. This flooring material will last longer and offer value for the money. The tiles come in different colors and textures, giving you the power to select the one that suits your taste. One reason rubber tiles are perfect for your home is that they can withstand rough uses. If you have kids that play on your tiles, rubber is the perfect flooring solution for them. 

They can jump, skip and roll on your tiles, and they will not break. Aside from that, rubber tiles are perfect for commercial settings like an office or a laboratory. It can withstand the pressure of every use and many people walking on it. If you have heavy objects, placing them on your rubber tiles is not a big deal. The material used to make rubber tiles is durable, making them survive cracks and splintering when you install them. 

Artificial Grass, Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

One benefit of using artificial grass is that it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Like rubber flooring tiles, artificial turf is a synthetic material. It is made of plastic, color, and UV inhibitors. This makes synthetic turf surface texture last longer when you install it under the sun. Homeowners can use artificial grass carpets outdoors to make their homes look better. You can landscape your backyard, front yard, and children’s playground with artificial grass turf. Using artificial grass guarantees a beautiful back garden that remains attractive all year round. 

Also, synthetic grass will properly landscape your property, preventing erosion after heavy rain. The surface texture of artificial turf is soft, making it easy for you and your kids to walk and relax on it. And your pets can use your artificial grass too. Artificial grass is perfect for dogs. The pros and cons of artificial grass with dogs make it useful for home improvement. The weather elements will not destroy artificial grass surface texture because it contains UV inhibitors that prevent fading. With artificial grass, you can bring the outdoors inside your home. You can lay artificial grass rugs in your living room, children’s room, and game room. 

Rubber Tiles or Artificial Grass

Which Add More Value?

When considering a material that adds value to a home, you have to look at the aesthetic, the durability, and the lifespan. Let’s consider artificial grass and rubber tiles’ aesthetic value, durability, and lifespans. 


Both artificial grass and rubber tiles are attractive. You can install any color of rubber flooring tiles you want, and it will look just fine. Also, you can install any size you want inside your home. While rubber tiles are scratch-resistant, they are not scratch-proof. If you drag a heavy object on the surface, you can damage the surface texture. Artificial grass has a beautiful surface texture. Aside from that normal attractive green, you can use red, blue, and yellow artificial grass inside or outside your home.

 Homeowners can even mix different artificial turf colors to create a beautiful floor. Artificial grass is resistant to scratches. If you maintain the turf properly, you will find it more attractive than rubber tiles. With artificial grass, outdoors lovers are never really away from the outdoors. It can help create a unique feel that you are outside while inside your home. This shows that artificial grass rugs have more aesthetic value than rubber tiles. 


Both artificial turf and rubber tiles are durable. They will resist bad weather when you install them outdoors. Also, both can resist heavy foot traffic after installation. Synthetic turf is resistant to wear and tear and is perfect for children’s use. Rubber floor tiles can withstand heavy objects without breaking or splintering. Both rubber tiles and artificial grass are durable. 


Artificial grass has an average lifespan of 12 years. Top-grade artificial turf will last for 20 years, while low-grade cheap artificial grass will last for 8 years. Rubber floor tile will also last longer after you have installed it. The average lifespan of 12 years. Both rubber tiles and artificial grass will last long. 


Artificial grass or rubber tiles, which add more value to a home? Both artificial grass and rubber tiles will increase your home value after installation. But artificial turf is more attractive than rubber tile. To enjoy the benefits of both, you can install them in your home.

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