Rubber Tiles vs Artificial Grass, Which Is the Best for You?

Are you planning to floor your home? Flooring your home is a good idea because it makes it attractive and makes walking in and out easy. But to ensure that you get an attractive floor, you have to use a durable material for flooring for your property. There are several materials homeowners can use to floor their home interior and exterior. Artificial grass is a durable flooring material in Nigeria. Another material Nigerian homeowner can use is rubber tiles. While both materials are good, you may have a hard time selecting one of them. This article compares rubber tiles and artificial grass and lets you know which is best for you. 

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What Are Rubber Tiles?

Rubber tiles are indoor and outdoor flooring materials made from rubber. The flooring tiles can be manufactured from virgin rubber material (natural rubber sap from trees), recycled rubber (used tires), and synthetic rubber. Like other building materials, rubber tiles are made in a factory where the materials are processed, and colors are added before being cut into different shapes. This makes rubber flooring tiles one of Nigeria’s most durable outdoor tiles. 

What Are Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a flooring material or, better still, a landscaping material homeowners can use on their property. Like rubber tiles, artificial grass can be used as turf in your garden or as a carpet in your home. The materials used to make artificial grasses are polyethylene or nylon, of which nylon is the strongest. Synthetic turf is made in a factory where the materials are processed and colors are added to make it attractive. After that, the turf blades are fixed to the backing to form the artificial grass you will use in your home. 

What Are the Advantages of Rubber Tiles?

Rubber flooring tiles have advantages that make homeowners use them on their property. 

Provides a Better Flooring Surface

Rubber tiles provide a better flooring surface when installing them on your property. Rubber tiles are the best option to use. The attractive surface texture makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring. Better still, it will last longer. 


A flooring material must be durable to last longer. Rubber tiles are durable. This is because it is made of thick rubber that will not heal easily when you use it. It is flexible and less likely to crack due to temperature changes and constant use. This makes it perfect for homeowners to install rubber tiles inside or outside their property. 

Resistant to Stain, Mold, and Scratches

Another advantage of using rubber tiles in Nigeria is that it is resistant to stains, mold, and scratches. If you want a floor tile that won’t scratch easily when you walk on it, rubber tiles are the best option. Aside from scratches, mold and mildew will not destroy the surface texture of your tiles. And if stains spill on your tiles, cleaning it is easy because the surface is non-sticky.

What Are the Advantages of Artificial Grass?

Indoor and Outdoor Use

One advantage of artificial grass is that you can use it outdoors and indoors. Homeowners have explored the use of synthetic turf by installing it in their gardens. Aside from that, homeowners can use artificial grass as a carpet by laying it inside their house. Artificial grass is perfect for outdoor use because it can resist the weather element while creating a beautiful garden. Also, it is perfect for indoors because it will bring the feel of the outdoors indoors when you use it. 


Like rubber tiles, artificial grass is durable. The material used to make it is a contributing factor to that. When you install artificial turf in your garden, it will resist weather elements, human foot traffic, and dogs paws. Your dog cannot dog into your artificial grass, and constant use will not destroy your turf. Weather elements like moisture, cold, and heat will not damage artificial grass. 


Artificial grass is attractive. If you want beautiful flooring on your property, you can install synthetic turf of any color. Homeowners have explored blue artificial grass carpets, red artificial turf, and yellow artificial grass in their homes. The surface texture makes it perfect for use inside and outside your home. And the good thing about it is that the color will last longer, surging harsh weather conditions. 


Which Should I Choose?

While it is difficult to say which you should choose when considering artificial grass and rubber tiles, it is worth knowing that you can combine both inside your home. Homeowners can install rubber tiles on the ground and use artificial grass as a rug to further design their home interior. 

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