Can You Lay Fake Grass on Grass?

Simply put, you can lay fake grass on grass. While most experts will condemn it, homeowners are making the decision to install a synthetic turf on natural grass. But that doesn’t mean that it is right. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of laying artificial grass on grass. It also discusses how to properly install your fake grass if you want it to last long. 

Where Can I Use Fake Grass?

There are many places homeowners can install fake grass on their property. The most commonplace to lay artificial grass is in your garden or backyard. Synthetic turf is perfect for the backyard because it provides a soft surface to walk on. Aside from that, it increases the aesthetic value of your home, converting an old lawn into a contemporary garden. Aside from laying your fake grass outside, you can use it inside your home. 

Homeowners can use artificial grass as a rug in their sitting room. Also, your children’s room and game room can use fake grass rugs. Commercial settings and school fields can use artificial grass carpets. The durable surface texture of the grass makes it withstand heavy foot traffic, lasting longer than natural carpet grass. To enjoy the benefits of fake grass, you have to install it in your home after purchasing it from a supplier. 

Laying Fake Grass on Natural Grass

If you decide to lay fake grass on grass, you are free to do it. Installing artificial turf on your existing lawn makes the task easy. Also, you don’t have to hire an installer or buy the materials required to install artificial grass. 

Lay Fake Grass on Grass

Advantages of Laying Artificial Turf on Grass

You Save Time

You save time when you install fake grass on grass. This is true because you don’t have to wait for the installer to start work. Also, you don’t have to wait before you can get all the material required to lay your fake grass. If you have been longing for a lawn covered with fake grass, your dream will come true when you install it after purchasing the turf. This will allow you to enjoy your fake grass right away—no need to wait for days before the fake grass installer finishes laying your turf. 

You Save Cash

You save money when you install your fake grass directly on grass. To install your synthetic grass, you have to hire an installer. Depending on the size of your backyard, the installer you hire will charge hundreds of dollars to lay your grass. If you have a large garden, you should look to spend a few thousand dollars to install your fake grass. But when you lay the fake grass on carpet grass, you don’t have to spend much. 

Preparing the soil is essential when installing fake grass. You have to remove the existing lawn, lay crushed stones and fill the place with sharp sand. Purchasing stones and sand will cost money. Also, if you can remove the old turf yourself, you have to hire someone that can do it. This means spending more money on labor when installing the artificial turf. But when you lay fake grass directly on the grass, you won’t spend much. 

Disadvantages of Laying Fake Turf on Grass

Decreased Longevity

Fake grass suppliers strongly recommend that you install your turf properly. Installing artificial turf properly means preparing the ground, creating drainage systems, and making the surface even. But when you lay fake grass on natural grass, you won’t do all those things. And that will affect your turf longevity. A properly installed artificial grass will last longer than one that is not installed correctly. 

Drainage Issues

Your backyard must drain properly after installing your turf. If it doesn’t, it will cause problems that will drastically affect the lifespan of your grass. Water from rain should be able to run off your backyard to prevent flooring. You can only guarantee that when you prepare the ground and install your fake grass correctly. 

But when you lay your fake grass directly on grass, you will block any existing waterway. This will make fake grass retain water which will form puddles because it has nowhere to go. If this happens, there is the risk of slipping and falling when you walk on your fake grass. Also, your turf will deteriorate quickly. 

Rough Surfaces

When you lay fake grass directly on grass, your lawn will have uneven surfaces. Some of the grass underneath will not die, and they will try to push to the surface, causing an ugly sight when you relax on your fake grass. 


Can you lay fake grass on grass? Yes, you can. While installing fake turf in natural carpet grass makes your task easy, it is not the best option as it affects the longevity of your turf.

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