Outdoor Astro Turf in Nigeria

Landscaping your property is a must if you want to increase its curb appeal. But there are lots of materials Nigerian homeowners can use to floor their property. One of them is astro turf or artificial grass. Other materials are floor tiles and concrete pavings. If you are looking to explore the best outdoor flooring material in Nigeria, you can try artificial grass carpet or astro turf. Astro turf is perfect for both outdoor and indoor landscaping. This article looks at the benefits of using astro turf to landscape your property exterior. 

Can I Get Astro Turf in Nigeria?

Nigerian homeowners that want to landscape their property can use astro turf for the project. You can purchase astro turf from any supplier you wish. But you should be able to identify quality astro turf before you purchase it. For starters, astro turf is the same as artificial grass. Most homeowners still refer to all types of artificial turf as astro turf. So, if you want to use astro turf for landscaping your property, you are using artificial grass too.

The difference between astro turf and artificial grass is that the former is a brand, while the former is the general name for synthetic grass. Improvements have been made since the first production of astro turf, and more and more brands of synthetic turf have sprung up. This means that there are various artificial grass brands other than astroturf which is the first brand. 

It gives Nigerian homeowners the power to select any synthetic turf they desire when landscaping their property in Nigeria. But some homeowners are still referring to all types of artificial grass as astro turf. This means that you can get astro turf in Nigeria. And to do that, shop for the best artificial grass from a supplier in Nigeria.  

Where Can I Use Astro Turf?

Nigerian homeowners can use astro turf anywhere in their homes. While most homeowners have used astro turf or artificial grass for flooring their property interior, others have used it outside. Artificial grass is the best replacement for natural carpet grass. Since carpet grass is planted outside, most homeowners prefer to use their astro turf outdoors. And the benefits of landscaping in Nigeria with artificial grass are numerous. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Astro Turf Outdoor in Nigeria? 

There are many benefits Nigerian homeowners can derive when they use astro turf for landscaping their property

Increase the Curb Appeal

Astro Turf in Nigeria

Natural carpet grass will provide a soft surface for you to walk on. Aside from that, natural carpet grass will increase the curb appeal of your compound. Artificial grass is better than natural carpet grass because it will not fade when the weather is dry. Also, the lush green of artificial grass will last a long time. And since artificial grass will not form brown patches, Nigerian homeowners will use it to beautify their property for a long time. 

Prevent Erosion

Another benefit of using artificial grass carpet outdoors in your home in Nigeria is that it helps prevent erosion. If the loose soil on your property is exposed, heavy rain can carry it off. This will cause erosion and can make your backyard or compound unusable. But when you install artificial grass on your property, you won’t have that problem. Astro turf will prevent erosion from “eating” your property. This is in addition to increasing the curb appeal. 

Instant Solutions 

Do you have a property that is probed to erosion? Most Nigerian homeowners with erosion problems will use natural carpet grass to prevent it. But the problem with carpet grass is that it will take time to grow. This means spending weeks to tend the carpet grass before it can help stop erosion. But when you install artificial grass, you will get instant solutions. Your artificial grass will start preventing erosion from the moment you install it on your property. No need for homeowners to wait for weeks; with astro turf, it is installed and used. 

Perfect for Children and Pet

Astro turf is perfect for kids and pets. This means that if you install astro turf in your compound, your kids will be able to use it for any activities. The blades are resilient and will not get damaged when your children play on them. The same goes for pets. Astro turf, when installed outdoors, is perfect for dogs and cats. 


Outdoor astro turf in Nigeria. Artificial grass is perfect to install in your property backyard or front yard in Nigeria. This is because astro turf will increase the curb appeal of your property, prevent erosion, provide instant solutions and is perfect for children and pets. 

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