Advantages and Disadvantages Astro Turf in Nigeria

Are you planning to install astro turf in Nigeria? If you are, you are not alone. Nigerian homeowners are catching up with the latest trends regarding landscaping their property. That is why more and more homeowners are embracing synthetic turf because of its value to their property. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of installing astro turf in Nigeria.

Advantages of Laying Astro Turf in Nigeria

Easy Maintenance

One advantage of using artificial grass in Nigeria is easy maintenance. Every homeowner wants turf that is easy to clean. Aside from that, homeowners want turf that requires less time and cash to maintain. Real grass will consume your time and cash during maintenance. Property owners must trim the blades of their carpet grass during maintenance. Aside from blade trimming, property owners must spray their astro turf with water to make it grow. 

Natural carpet grass will not survive in a dry place. So, if your property lacks soil water, you have to wet your turf constantly. The maintenance of astro turf consumes cash and time. Homeowners that don’t have the time must hire a gardener to do the task for them. This means spending more cash to care for their turf. In contrast, astro turf does not need trimming or wetting. To clean your turf, all you should do is give it a simple sweeping.  


Astro turf is durable. When you install artificial grass outdoors, the grass will last long. Astro turf will last longer than real grass because it can resist the element of weather. Aside from that, high foot traffic is not a problem for artificial grass because the blades can handle foot pressure. Astro turf is durable because it is made of synthetic materials. Most artificial grass is made of nylon or polythene. These materials give it the strength to withstand environmental pressure. 

Resistant to Weather

Another advantage of astro turf is that it is resistant to weather. Natural carpet grass will dry up due to drought. Aside from that, prolonged flooding in your compound can kill your carpet grass. Cold and heat are elements of weather that can destroy carpet grass. But when you install astro turf, it will endure any weather that comes its way. It will not dry up as a result of no water. 

Use It for Any Outdoor Activities 

Another advantage of installing astro turf in your house is that it is perfect for any outdoor activity. If you use the lawn for parties, astro turf is the best landscaping option for you. The blades are resilient enough to withstand high foot traffic resulting from many people walking on them. Homeowners can use their artificial grass for dog runs, a children’s playground and evening parties. 

Astro Turf Is Attractive

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Astro Turf in Nigeria

Another advantage of astro turf is that it is attractive. Nigerian homeowners can select from green, red, blue and yellow artificial grass carpets. The colors are attractive and will change the theme of your property. Nothing compares to the lush green of artificial grass. And if you want to spice up your property, you can mix green artificial grass with blue or yellow. 

Longer Service Life

When you plant carpet grass, you will realize that you have to replant it for it to last longer. But when you install astro turf, you will benefit from the long service life. Long service life means how long your astro turf will last after installing it. Most artificial grass suppliers will guarantee that their turf will last for about ten years if installed properly. 

Disadvantages of Astro Turf

Can Become Hot in the Sun

One disadvantage of astro turf is that it can become hot when you install it under the sun. The best place to install artificial grass in your house is on your lawn. When the sun reaches the surface of your lawn, your turf will become hot. This can make your astro turf unusable for your outdoor activities. 

Your Turf Can Still Get Damage

Most homeowners will install their astro turf themselves. And when they do, they will miss some steps and install it incorrectly. This can cause drainage problems on your artificial grass. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing astro turf in Nigeria? The advantages of artificial grass are easy maintenance, aesthetic value, durability, and weather resistance. In contrast, the disadvantages of astro turf are a heated surface when the sun is high and a lack of proper installation. 

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