Before You Buy Astro Turf – Know This

Are you planning to landscape your property and don’t know which material to use? Nigerian homeowners use concrete for flooring their backyard or front yard. Concrete is hard and long-lasting, but it is not attractive after installation. One popular landscaping material to use when flooring your property in Nigeria is astro turf. Most homeowners in Nigeria know little about artificial grass carpets. But before you buy astro turf, know this. 

What Is Astro Turf?

Astro turf is a landscaping material that Nigerian homeowners can use to floor their property. Unlike natural carpet grass, astro turf is a synthetic material made with nylon or polythene. As a synthetic turf, astro turf is more durable and long-lasting than carpet grass. 

What Is Astro Turf Used For?

Like carpet grass, astro turf is used for landscaping a property. Homeowners can use astro turf in their front yard and backyard. If you want a properly landscaped compound that is perfect for any outdoor activities, you should use synthetic grass. Aside from your home exterior, Nigerian homeowners can use astro turf inside their house. If you have a children’s playground in your house, you can lay it on the ground. Another place to use astro turf is in your office and any commercial buildings. 

How Much Is Astro Turf?

This is another question Nigerian homeowners should ask themselves before purchasing synthetic grass. The price of artificial turf in Nigeria varies depending on the quality and size. Most astro turf suppliers in Nigeria sell their turf in rolls of 50 square meters, while others sell it in 20 square meters. If you want to purchase 20 square meters of 10 mm green artificial grass in Nigeria, you will spend about #90000 if the turf is #4500 per square meter. If you purchase a large roll of artificial grass, you will spend more than that. 

Another thing that can affect the price of artificial grass is surface texture. Synthetic turf with long blades is more expensive than shorter blade grass. The longer the pile height of the turf, the more money you will spend to install it. Aside from that turf pile height, another thing that affects the price is the color of the grass. Standard green turf is by far cheaper than red, blue or yellow artificial grass carpet. Most astro turf suppliers in Lagos, Ibadan or other parts of Nigeria will sell yellow, red and blue turf for twice the price of green turf. 


How Can I Tell the Amount of Artificial Grass I Need? 

Before buying astro turf, you have to know the right amount you need. Property owners can do that by measuring the place they want to lay the grass. You have to measure the length and breadth and multiply the result by square meters. If the length is 50 meters and the breadth is 30 meters, multiply 50 × 30 to give 15 square meters. When purchasing artificial grass, you should plan for extra in case you miss a step during installation. 

Is Astro Turf Easy to Maintain?

Yes, one reason homeowners in Nigeria are switching to artificial grass is that it is easy to maintain. This sets astro turf apart from natural carpet grass. To maintain artificial turf, all you have to do is clean the surface with a broom or blow leaves and twigs away. If oil spills on your astro turf surface, you can wash the spot with soap and water using a soft brush. Astro turf is easy to tidy up when you use it for your outdoor activities. There is no need to water the grass to make it grow; there is no need to add chemicals to treat the turf after installing it. 

Before You Buy Astro Turf - Know This

How Do I Install Astro Turf?

Installing astro turf requires the skill of an expert. When you purchase artificial grass from an installer, they will recommend someone to help you install your grass. Homeowners can pay the turf installer a few to help lay the grass. Most property owners choose to save cash by installing their artificial grass themselves. If you have the skills, you can lay your astro turf. But don’t try it if you don’t know how to lay grass, else you will destroy it. 


Before you buy astro turf, know these things that will help you make your buying decisions. Astro turf is the same as synthetic grass. It is a synthetic material made with nylon or polythene and requires less maintenance. Unlike carpet grass, astro turf is easy to install but requires the skill of an installer. 

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