Natural Carpet Grass vs Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Do you have a property that needs landscaping? There are many materials homeowners in Nigeria can use to landscape their properties. One common landscaping material in Nigeria is natural carpet grass. Homeowners have long used it in their backyard or front yard. But maintaining natural carpet grass is a tedious task for some property owners. That is why engineers created artificial carpet grass. If you are new to both worlds, you might be confused about which one to select. This article considers natural carpet grass vs artificial grass in Nigeria. 

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What Is Natural Carpet Grass?

Carpet grass is a plant that you can cultivate on your property. The grass helps landscape your compound and provides a soft surface for you to walk on. When you plant carpet grass in Nigeria, the grass will multiply rapidly and cover a large area. That is why it is perfect for garden landscaping.

What Is Artificial Grass?

The main difference between natural carpet grass and artificial grass is that the former is natural while the latter is synthetic. Artificial grass is a synthetic material that homeowners in Nigeria can use in place of natural carpet grass. This material is made in a factory where UV inhibitors and colors are added to the turf. After production, artificial grass is sold in rolls. 

How Do You Plant Natural Carpet Grass? 

The process of planting natural carpet grass in Nigeria starts with preparing the soil. You must cultivate the ground you want to plant the grass and add the needed fertilizer. After, you can plant the carpet grass and ensure that you wet it regularly. This process seems simple if you are planting the grass on one spot. But if you have a large area or backyard, then planting carpet will require a lot of time and work. 

How Do You Install Artificial Turf in Nigeria?

Unlike natural carpet grass, Nigerian homeowners will not plant artificial grass. The turf is made in a factory and sold as 20 or 50 square meters rolls. If you want to install artificial carpet grass in Nigeria, you have to buy the turf from a supplier. After purchasing the turf, you have to prepare the ground. The way homeowners prepare the soil before installing synthetic turf is different from carpet grass. There is no need to put fertilizer to the soil when installing synthetic grass. But the ground must be properly landscaped with crushed stones for proper drainage. 

Comparing the Benefits of Natural Carpet Grass and Artificial Grass

Landscape Your Property

Carpet Grass

One benefit of natural carpet grass is that you can use it to landscape your property. Carpet grass provides a soft surface to walk on. Aside from that, carpet grass adds beauty to your property after planting it. 

Artificial Grass

Like natural carpet grass, artificial grass is one material you can use to landscape your home. But unlike carpet grass, you can use artificial grass in your home interior. Synthetic grass provided a soft surface for you to walk on and enjoy your outdoor activities. You can lay artificial turf in your room, office, sitting room and on school playgrounds. 

Aesthetic Value

Carpet Grass

The lush green of carpet grass is obvious when you walk on it. When you plant carpet grass on your property, it will change its appearance. This makes carpet grass perfect for outdoor gatherings. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has a better aesthetic value than carpet grass. This is because lush green is well pronounced in synthetic turf than real grass. Aside from that, there are different colors of artificial turf. Nigerian homeowners can purchase green, blue, red, and yellow synthetic turf from a supplier in Lagos or Ibadan. 

Artificial Grass in Nigeria


Carpet Grass

One disadvantage of carpet grass is that it is not easy to maintain. This is because it requires mowing and treating with chemicals to make it grow. Aside from that, carpet grass requires water and will die in a dry environment. 

Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf does not require much maintenance. But homeowners must sweep their synthetic lawn regularly to remove dirt. There is no need to wet, spray chemicals or mow artificial grass after planting it. 


Carpet Grass

The service life of carpet grass depends on how homeowners maintain it. Since carpet grass is difficult to maintain, most homeowners soon get tired of it and abandon it. This makes the lifespan of carpet grass short.

Artificial Grass

When you purchase and install artificial grass carpets, you will enjoy them for a long time. The service life of synthetic turf is about ten years. That is a long time when you compare it to carpet grass. 


Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is not expensive to plant. If you can get it from a friend, you can easily plant the turf in your garden. But if you can’t, you have to pay a gardener to help you plant it. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass might seem a little pricey when you purchase it. At least you will spend about #90000 if you purchase 2 square meters of 10 mm green artificial grass. If your compound is larger than 2 square meters, or you want 25 or 35 mm artificial grass, you will spend more money. When you compare the price of purchasing and installing artificial grass to installing a similar durable material like concrete, you will understand that artificial turf is cheaper. 


Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is less durable than artificial grass. This is because it can’t withstand the elements of weather and foot traffic. When many people walk on carpet grass, it will fade and dry. Also, carpet grass will form brown patches when the environment is dry. 

Artificial Grass

Engineers made artificial grass to be durable. That is why, when you install it in a place that has high foot traffic, it will withstand it. Property owners can install artificial grass in schools and other public buildings. The blades of synthetic turf are resilient, making it bounce when you step on it. 

Which Should I Choose?

Natural carpet grass vs artificial grass in Nigeria, which should I choose? If you plan to landscape your property in Nigeria, you can use any material you want. But if you plan to landscape your property with durable material, you have to select the best. Artificial grass carpet is the best of both worlds. This is because it is attractive and durable. As weather-resistant grass, synthetic turf will not fade, dry, or die. Also, the blades are resilient and can withstand pressure when people walk on them. That is why homeowners in Nigeria are landscaping their property with artificial grass carpets. 

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