Is Carpet Grass Good Lawn Grass?

Are you planning to plant carpet grass on your property? Nigerian homeowners are using carpet grass as a landscaping material as well as a decoration material. If you want a material to landscape your lawn, carpet grass is an option. But planting and maintaining carpet grass is a Herculean task. Is carpet grass good lawn grass? This article discusses natural carpet grass and examines the process of planting and maintaining it. It also looks at the best alternative to natural carpet grass, artificial grass

What Is Carpet Grass?

Carpet grass belongs to the grass family called Axonopus. This lawn turf is a creeping, warm-season grass that thrives in fields and woods. You can also find carpet grass growing freely by the roadside or on your home lawns. As a warm-season grass, natural carpet grass can survive where most turf cannot. 

Where Can I Use Carpet Grass?

Homeowners can use carpet grass in their home exterior. This includes your garden, backyard, front yard and playgrounds. Aside from that, property owners can plant natural carpet grass in public places and on the roadsides. 

How Do I Plant Carpet Grass?

You can plant carpet grass in your backyard by first preparing the ground. Preparing the ground you will plant your turf means making the topsoil soft and adding the right fertilizer. After adding fertilizer to the soil, you can wet it with a little water. Then, you should plant the natural carpet grass and cultivate it until it grows. 

What Are the Advantages of Carpet Grass?

There are several advantages to planting natural carpet grass in your garden. One of them is that you can easily landscape your property and prevent erosion. Another advantage of carpet grass is that it adds beauty to your property. Homeowners in Nigeria that want a beautiful outdoor space can plant carpet grass. The lush green of carpet grass will make your home attractive. Aside from that, when you plant carpet grass, it will creep from that spot all over your backyard. As a creeping grass, carpet grass will prevent erosion by protecting the topsoil from rainwater. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Carpet Grass?

Carpet grass has disadvantages that make some homeowners replace it. One disadvantage of carpet grass is that it is not easy to maintain. When you plant natural carpet grass, you have to treat it with chemicals and wet it regularly. Chemicals will prevent diseases from destroying your natural carpet grass, while water will make it grow. The maintenance process of natural carpet grass is expensive and tedious. Homeowners that don’t have the time to care for their carpet turf will have to hire a gardener. This means that you will spend extra cash to care for your carpet grass. Also, carpet grass cannot survive harsh weather conditions. It will dry up when there is a drought. Foot traffic will damage carpet grass, that is why it is not good for places like a school or commercial buildings. 

What Is a Carpet Grass Alternative?

If you have installed carpet grass and experienced the disadvantages described above, you can use a better alternative. The alternative to natural carpet grass in Nigeria is artificial grass. Synthetic turf is perfect for any location you want to install it. And the good side of artificial grass is that Nigerian homeowners can install indoor or outdoor. Some homeowners have enjoyed the beauty and value of their grass when they install it outside. Your garden can use synthetic turf if you want. Also, your children’s playgrounds and pet areas can use artificial grass. Another advantage of artificial grass in Nigeria is that it is durable. 

artificial turf vs carpet grass

As a durable turf, synthetic turf blades are strong and resilient. That is why Nigerian homeowners can install it in schools, children’s playgrounds, and commercial settings. The color of artificial grass is attractive and will last longer. That is why it will not fade when you install it in your garden. Another advantage of synthetic turf is that it will last longer when used on your lawn. Unlike carpet grass that needs replanting, artificial grass will last for about ten years. Homeowners will save money when they install synthetic turf. Since maintaining an artificial turf is easy, there is no need to spend extra cash to do that. 


Is carpet grass good lawn grass? Nigerian homeowners can plant carpet grass on their property. Although carpet grass is good, caring for it is a problem. That is why the best landscaping alternative is artificial grass. 

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