How to Fix Wallpaper in Nigeria

You have just bought your rolls of wallpaper from a trusted supplier and are contemplating how to fix it. So, what is next? This article will walk you through everything you need to fix wallpaper in Nigeria. It explains everything from prepping your wall to cutting and applying the wallpaper. We have also included tips on the best kind of wallpaper to purchase to make your wall seamless and professionally done.  

Choosing the Right Wallpaper in Nigeria

Choosing the right kind of design texture for your room is important. Wallpaper comes in different materials, featuring lots of different designs and patterns, which can make it difficult for you to select. Vinyl wallpaper is the most common and easy to hang. If you want to wallpaper your bathroom, you can use canvas-backed vinyl because it is resistant and versatile. 

Embossed wallpaper is another kind that you can use. This kind of wallpaper is textured and patterned, making it perfect to cover imperfections on your wall. Another kind of wallpaper is the textile base. It features raised patterns for a professional effect but can be difficult to clean. Printed paper is another kind of wallpaper that is common in Nigeria. It comes with various design patterns that can make your room beautiful. 

How to Fix Wallpaper in Nigeria

Should I Choose Pasted or Dry-Back Wallpaper?

If you want to fix your wallpaper quickly, you should buy one that is self-adhesive. Self-adhesive wallpaper is the easiest to install. You only have to peel off the back of the paper and press it firmly on the wall. Pre-pasted wallpaper is like self-adhesive, except that you have to activate the paste with water or any activator provided by the manufacturer. Dry-back wallpaper is quite different from the two. It requires that you purchase a separate wallpaper adhesive when installing it. So, the kind of wallpaper you buy can affect how fast and easy it is to install it. 

Fixing Your Wallpaper

Now that you know the different types of wallpaper we have in Nigeria, let’s dive into fixing it. 

Step One – Prepare the Wall

Preparing the wall of your room or wherever you want to fix the wallpaper is crucial if you want to achieve a professional result. Clean the wall of your room thoroughly with a regular household cleaner and let it dry. After it has dried, you should inspect the wall for mildew. Mildew is that “white thing” that spreads on the wall of a damp room. Checking for mildew is crucial because adding wallpaper on it will cause it to spread.

The best way to remove mildew if spotted is by using a mixture of 2 cups of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Another thing to do when fixing wallpaper in Nigeria is to inspect the wall for defects. If you notice cracks, you should cover them immediately. Do this by applying wall putty in the cracks or holes and waiting for it to dry. After, you can sand the wall to make it smooth. 

Step Two – Prime the Wall (Optional)

After ensuring that you have cleaned the wall and filled the cracks, you should proceed to prime it. Use a stain killer or primer to prime your room’s wall before you fix the wallpaper. The primer will enable your wallpaper to stick to your wall effectively and provide a solid foundation for it. 

Step Three – Fix the Wallpaper

Now, this is the part you have to do a little calculation when installing your wallpaper. Depending on the design of your wallpaper, you might have to account for repetition so that the design pattern will match. To ensure that you get it right, you have to measure the wall and draw lines that will serve as a guide. 

You can draw lines that run from the ceiling to the ground and ensure that it is straight. So, when fixing the wallpaper, you only have to follow the lines you have drawn. Unroll the rolls of wallpaper and measure the length and width. Start from a corner of your room when fixing the wallpaper to get the best result. You should add at least 2 inches of wallpaper in every corner and at the top of the wall bordering the ceiling. 

Then, apply the wallpaper glue to the back of the paper or if you are using pre-pasted wallpaper, follow the instructions to hang it correctly. Fix the first wallpaper and ensure that it is straight. It might help if you have someone to look at it for you. Then, you should fix the remaining, ensuring that you maintain the design pattern. 

When you follow the guidelines in this article, you will realize that how to fix wallpaper in Nigeria is not too difficult. You only have to prepare the wall, fix any defect, and stick the wallpaper to the wall following the design pattern to ensure consistency. 

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