How to Do Carpet Grass Lawn Care in Nigeria

There are many ways to landscape your compound in Nigeria to prevent erosion. One way is by flooring your home. But using concrete paving costs money to install. Another way homeowners in Nigeria can landscape their property is by planting carpet grass. Although carpet grass is cheaper than concrete, homeowners must care for it. If you want a landscaping material that requires less maintenance, you can use an artificial grass carpet. But if homeowners want to go ahead with planting carpet grass, they have to learn lawn care. This article explains how to do carpet grass lawn care in Nigeria. 

Why Caring for Carpet Grass Is Important

When you plant carpet grass in your home in Nigeria, you leave the young plant to the mercy of the weather. Nigerian weather can become hot during the dry season. If you neglect your carpet grass when the weather is dry, it will die off. So, Nigerian homeowners that plant natural carpet grass must care for their lawn. One way they can do that is by ensuring that their lawn gets plenty of water. Plant diseases and pests sometimes affect the natural lawn. To make their lawn grow, homeowners may mix it with chemicals. Another common lawn care in Nigeria is mowing carpet grass with a lawnmower. If you want your carpet grass to look attractive, you need to trim the blade regularly. Planting and replanting your grass is another lawn care that you must do regularly. This is because a dry environment and foot traffic can make your carpet grass form brown patches. 

Maintaining Your Carpet Grass in Nigeria

There are several ways to maintain carpet grass in Nigeria. Spraying your lawn with water to make your grass grow is one way. Another way homeowners in Nigeria can maintain their turf is by treating it with chemicals. Mowing carpet grass and replanting are other ways to care for your lawn. 

Wet Your Lawn

To care for your carpet grass, you must wet it with water. Wetting your natural carpet grass will make it grow. Homeowners in Nigeria that fail to wet their grass will soon find out that it will die. This means they must use tons of water per year to wet their lawn. If you live close to a wet environment, then it will be easy to get water to use to care for your lawn. But if you dwell in a dry environment, you will find it difficult to care for your lawn. 

Treat Your Lawn with Chemicals

Another way to care for your lawn in Nigeria is by treating it with chemicals. If you discover that your turf has developed a disease, you can ask for the recommended chemicals to treat it. Spraying chemicals on your lawn will make it unusable for some time. So, you have to ensure that your kids and pets don’t use the lawn immediately after spraying chemicals on it.  

Mow Your Carpet Grass Regularly

Another way to do lawn care in Nigeria is to mow your turf regularly. When your carpet grass grows, the blades will become tall and unattractive. Also, reptiles and insects can make your lawn their home. So, to keep your carpet grass clean, you must use a lawnmower to trim the blades. Mowing your lawn will also transform the looks of your garden. If you have a large lawn, mowing it yourself will be difficult. That is why most homeowners will hire a gardener to do the task. This will cost homeowners that install carpet grass extra money. 

Replant Your Grass

At times, your carpet grass can die off due to foot traffic or dry weather. When this happens, homeowners must replant the dry spot with fresh grass to make their lawn look perfect. 

Is There a Lawn that Requires Little Care?

Artificial Carpet Grass Lawn Care in Nigeria

Natural carpet grass requires all the care that we explained above. Depending on your environment, your carpet grass can require more. But caring for your lawn is not an easy task. It will become worse for homeowners that have little time for their lawn. If you want a lawn that requires little care, you must install artificial carpet grass. Unlike natural carpet grass, artificial carpet grass does not require water to grow because it is synthetic. 

Also, artificial grass carpet does not require chemicals because it will not get plant disease. Another advantage of using artificial carpet grass in Nigeria is that it requires less care. No need for elaborate lawn care when you install artificial turf in your garden in Nigeria. The only care you will give your artificial lawn is a good sweeping to remove papers or any other dirt that drops on its surface. 


How to do carpet grass lawn care in Nigeria. To care for your lawn, you have to wet it regularly to make it grow. Aside from that, you have to treat it with chemicals to prevent plant disease. Mowing your lawn and replanting dry patches are other ways to care for it. If you want a lawn that requires less maintenance, you should try an artificial grass carpet. 

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