What Are the Differences between Carpet Grass and Artificial Grass?

Carpet grass and synthetic turf have several functions that make them similar – they can be used to landscape your property. Aside from landscaping your property, carpet grass and synthetic grass will increase the curb appeal of your property. But there are differences between carpet grass and artificial grass. For homeowners that are yet to use any of the two, knowing the difference between them will help you make the right choice. If you plant carpet grass in your home, this article will help you understand the benefits of switching to synthetic grass. So, what are the differences between carpet grass and artificial grass? 

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What Is Carpet Grass?

Carpet grass is a kind of plant that is used to landscape a property to prevent erosion. Nigerian homeowners are familiar with carpet grass because it is the only material available for some. Carpet grass belongs to a genus of the plant family called Axonopus. This plant family is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. No wonder, you will find carpet grass plenty in Africa. 

What Is Artificial Carpet Grass?

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Artificial turf does not belong to the axonopus family like carpet grass. It is a synthetic product made with nylon or polythene. Like carpet grass, synthetic turf is used to landscape a property to prevent erosion. But unlike carpet grass, Nigerian homeowners don’t have to plant synthetic turf. The turf is so strong that it can be used anywhere worldwide. 

How Do I Plant Carpet Grass?

Planting carpet grass begins with preparing the soil, adding fertilizer and watering the plant. Property owners must first prepare the ground they want to plant the turf on before anything else. You can utilize a shovel to loosen the topsoil of your backyard or where you want to plant your turf. Afterwards, you can add organic manure to the soil before planting the grass. Organic manure will help your carpet grass to grow fast. Plant the carpet grass and water it regularly until it is fully mature. 

How Do I Install Artificial Turf?

The difference between carpet grass and artificial grass is obvious from how you fix them. While homeowners must plant carpet grass if they want to enjoy it, the opposite is true of artificial turf. Synthetic turf is not planted; instead, it is installed. To install artificial grass, homeowners must prepare the ground by adding crushed stones. After, they must compact the stones to create a hard surface on which you will lay your turf. If your turf has a thick backing, you can lay it directly on the ground. But if not, you can add sand to the ground and compact it before you lay your turf. When the ground you will install your artificial grass is ready, you can lay the turf on it. 

What Are the Uses of Natural Carpet Grass?

Carpet grass makes landscaping your property easy. When you plant carpet grass in your compound, you will prevent erosion. Another use of carpet grass in Nigeria is that homeowners can use it to increase the curb appeal of their property. If you desire a soft surface to walk on, you can plant carpet grass. But for your carpet grass to last longer, you must maintain it properly. Maintaining your carpet grass means that you have to wet, mow and treat it with chemicals. Even with the best maintenance, carpet grass may not last long. This is because it can’t survive heavy foot traffic and a dry environment. 

What Are the Uses of Artificial Turf?

Artificial grass

One thing to note about natural carpet grass is that it can only be used outdoors. But when you purchase artificial grass, you will use it indoors and outdoor. Nigerian homeowners can use artificial turf in their backyard, front yard, children and pet playgrounds. Aside from that, homeowners can use artificial grass in their room, playroom, party room, shop, office and other commercial buildings. 

In fact, you can use artificial carpet grass anywhere you can use a rug. This is the perfect replacement for carpet grass and rugs in Nigeria. Unlike carpet grass that needs water and other elaborate maintenance, artificial turf only requires cleaning after installation. This is one key difference between artificial turf and natural grass. Synthetic turf saves money, which is why homeowners are switching to it. 


What are the differences between carpet grass and artificial grass? Homeowners must plant carpet grass to use it, while artificial grass doesn’t need planting. Carpet grass is not easy to maintain after planting, but artificial turf is easy to care for, saving costs. 

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