Home Flooring Materials in Nigeria and Their Uses

Flooring your home is one way to make it attractive. Some home flooring materials are beautiful, changing your house’s curb appeal when you install them. A house with good flooring material will sell better in the property resale market. Aside from that, beautiful flooring will provide a hard surface to walk on. There are several ways homeowners in Nigeria can floor their homes. One way is by using concrete. Another flooring material in Nigeria is floor tiles. Wood and polyvinyl chloride are popular flooring materials Nigerian homeowners can use. And to make your indoor space look like the outdoor, you can use artificial carpet grass. This article discusses home flooring materials in Nigeria and their uses. 

Why Flooring Your Home Is Important

Flooring your home is one way to provide a safe surface for you to walk on. A home without good flooring will have sand everywhere. This will make it uncomfortable to walk around the house. But when you use durable and attractive material for flooring the ground of your property, you will get a beautiful floor—using the right flooring material in your home matters. Homeowners must use a durable home flooring material that can withstand foot traffic and weather. A less durable material will get damaged quickly and need repair now and then. This will make homeowners spend more money to maintain or repair the flooring. But when you install durable flooring, it will last longer, providing value for the money spent on it. 

Type of Flooring Materials

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was not a widely used flooring material in Nigeria until recent times. This is because homeowners have little to no knowledge of this high-quality and durable flooring material. One outstanding thing about artificial grass carpets is that you can use them indoors and outdoor. Homeowners can use it outdoors to replace carpet grass and indoor as artificial grass rugs. Synthetic turf is made in a factory with the best plastic material. To make the surface texture of your turf last longer, makers of artificial grass add color and UV inhibitors. This makes it possible for homeowners to install artificial turf outdoors under the sun and indoors. No matter where you lay your artificial grass, it will not fade. 

home flooring material in nigeria


Artificial carpet grass is used for landscaping a property. Nigerian homeowners can use it to replace natural carpet grass. This means that you can lay synthetic turf in your garden, children’s playground, dog run, sports field, and commercial settings. Artificial turf is perfect for commercial settings and outdoors because it has a durable surface texture that resists wear when you use it. Aside from using it outdoors, homeowners can use artificial grass indoors as a rug. You can lay artificial grass rugs in your children’s playroom, kitchen, sitting room, gym, and party room. 

Floor Tiles

Another durable flooring material Nigerian homeowners can use is floor tiles. Floor tiles provide a durable and long-lasting surface in your home interior. And like artificial grass, floor tiles will not get damaged quickly. Also, homeowners can use floor tiles in their home interior and exterior. Home interior design with floor tiles will transform your property into a beautiful space. The advantages of floor tiles are easy maintenance, beautiful surface texture, and durability. 


You can use floor tiles in your home interior. This is a great way of providing a safe and attractive surface to walk on. Aside from that, you can use floor tiles outdoors. If you have a balcony or a patio, you can lay tiles on the ground to make it look beautiful.  

Wood Flooring

Wood is another material homeowners can use to floor their property. Treated polished wood provides a long-lasting surface on your property. When using wood, you should treat it with chemicals to prevent rot and termite damage. Timber is a great flooring material because you can polish the surface to provide a beautiful theme in your home. 


Property owners can use wood flooring in their homes. For example, you can floor your bed and your sitting room with wood. Also, your library and children’s playroom can use wood flooring. 

PVC Flooring

Plastic or PVC flooring is another material homeowners can use. Made of 💯 plastic, PVC flooring provides a durable surface that lasts longer. Aside from that, plastic flooring can be polished to make it attractive. 


There are several home flooring materials in Nigeria that you can use on their property. Artificial grass, floor tiles, wood, and PVC are durable flooring you can use on your property. 

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