Don’t Do This on Your Artificial Grass Turf

Are you planning to lay artificial grass turf in your home in Nigeria? Do you have a beautiful lawn made of artificial carpet rug? Synthetic turf design is a way homeowners can add aesthetics to their property. Artificial turf is the perfect material for home improvement in Nigeria if you want a beautiful lawn. But to enjoy your synthetic grass, you must maintain it properly. This means caring for your synthetic to keep it clean at all times. Aside from that, there are things homeowners should not do on their artificial grass. This article explains what you should not do when you lay artificial grass turf on your property. 

Tip: Artificial grass is durable. It is made of synthetic material (nylon) that makes it resistant to the elements of weather and foot traffic. Like every other building material available, synthetic turf is prone to damage if not cared for properly. This means that homeowners must avoid doing things that can destroy their synthetic grass. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Grass

One of the things you should not do when you install artificial grass turf is forgetting to clean it. Do you use your turf for outdoor events like a party? When partying, there is the chance that leftover food or drink will spill on your artificial grass. Failing to clean your grass after using it will make it unusable in the future. This is the part most homeowners that install artificial grass get wrong. They seem to think that artificial turf doesn’t require maintenance. But that is wrong. 

Artificial turf makers advertise their product as requiring little maintenance. This does not mean that you don’t have to clean it of dirt after using it. When you clean leftover food from the surface of your turf, you will find it easy to use. Aside from that, food droppings will decay, causing mold and mildew to grow on your grass. Mould can distort the beautiful surface texture of artificial grass carpet. So, if you care about the appearance of your lawn, you shouldn’t neglect it after using it for an event. 

Don’t Put a Grill Directly on Your Artificial Turf

Another thing that can damage artificial grass is putting a grill directly on it. Most homeowners love barbecue and who not mind inviting their friends for a large barbecue party in their garden. And this means using a large barbecue grill to prepare the meat. If you want to use a grill on your artificial turf, you should not place it on its surface. The reason is that synthetic grass is made of nylon that will melt and burn when it reaches a high temperature. 

Since a grill is made of iron that becomes hot when used, it will melt your artificial grass and destroy the beautiful surface texture. Aside from that, using a charcoal grill on your synthetic turf can risk starting a fire. This is because charcoal can cause sparks that can ignite your synthetic turf. Another thing about grills is that oil or grease can drop on your turf. This will make cleaning your artificial grass around the spot difficult. So, to prevent fire from destroying your artificial grass carpet, don’t put a grill directly on the surface. 

Don’t Use a Fire Stand on Synthetic Grass

Fire stands are great for outdoor use if you want to enjoy the warmth provided by the heat on a cold night. But while enjoying the warmth of a fire stand, you should be careful not to use it directly on your artificial grass carpet. Using a wood fire stand on your grass can cause sparks that will eventually burn your turf. So, property owners should avoid placing a fire stand directly on their turf to avoid damage. 

artificial-grass turf

Don’t Use Sharp Objects to Punch Your Turf

Kids can play on artificial grass. But when playing, you should monitor your kids so that they will not use sharp objects to make holes on the surface of your synthetic turf. This means discouraging using a knife or any sharp object when playing on your lawn.

Don’t Use Bleach to Clean Your Artificial Turf

Bleach can remove tough stains. But when you use bleach to clean your artificial grass carpet, it will remove any stain on it and the beautiful color. You will get a colorless and unattractive synthetic turf that will not be useful for you. This means that homeowners must spend money to purchase artificial grass paint if they want their turf to be attractive again. 


Don’t do this on your artificial grass turf after installing it on your property. You should not fail to clean your turf after using it. Also, you should not put a grill and fire stand directly on your synthetic grass to prevent damage.

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