Garden Decor with Artificial Grass Carpet in Nigeria

Are you planning an outdoor event in your home garden? There are several ways Nigerian homeowners can decorate their back garden to make it attractive. One material you can use to design your garden is artificial grass carpet. This outdoor decor is perfect for every location in your home and can be combined with any other home decor material. This article discusses garden decor with artificial grass carpet in Nigeria.

Why Artificial Grass Turf in Nigeria?

Before artificial grass was developed, homeowners had planted natural carpet grass or used other landscaping material like concrete paving or decking. But with artificial grass comes the comfort of getting a backyard that looks like a real lawn. Most homeowners love natural carpet grass, but its disadvantages will make you think twice before planting it in your garden. Planting carpet grass in Nigeria is not an easy task. The process requires cultivating the ground, adding fertilizer, and spraying water to make it grow. 

And if planting carpet grass is a problem, wait for the maintenance. To clean your carpet grass, you must use a lawnmower to trim the blades. Aside from that, you must spray your carpet grass with chemicals to make it grow. Watering carpet grass is a must if you want your turf to last long. Installing artificial grass turf instead of carpet grass will save maintenance costs. Also, it will help save water because you don’t have to get it. That is why artificial grass carpet is the perfect material to use when decorating your garden. 

Lawn Decor Ideas with Artificial Turf

Install Artificial Grass in Your Back Garden

Installing synthetic turf in your back garden is one way to decorate your outdoor space in Nigeria. Artificial turf gives Nigerian homeowners the chance to enjoy a long-lasting lawn with less maintenance. Aside from that, artificial turf will increase your home’s curb appeal after installation. If you want your lawn to look natural, you can use green turf. Also, property owners can select shorter or longer blades of artificial grass. Short blades turf is perfect for a home with high foot traffic. The blade length or pile height of this grass turf is short and strong, providing a durable lawn. Long blades of artificial turf will make your garden look like a real lawn. You will feel freshly trimmed carpet grass when you use synthetic turf with a long blade length.  

Install Artificial Grass Turf in Your Children’s Playground

Do you have kids that use your garden for hide and seek? Running on carpet grass will damage the blades. But when you install artificial grass carpet in your garden, you can be assured that it will withstand heavy foot traffic. The synthetic turf blades are tough and durable, providing a lasting lawn in your home. To further design your garden, you can use different colors. Garden decor in Nigeria with artificial grass can be in the form of using yellow, blue, or red turf to decorate your property. 

artificial grass carpet decor in nigeria

Combine Artificial Grass with a Pergola

Sitting outdoors in the evening to enjoy the fresh breeze is a great way to have fun. But it will not be comfortable to sit on grass that breeds fleas. Installing artificial grass carpet in Nigeria will ensure that you get a garden turf that doesn’t breed fleas of mosquitoes. Aside from that, the soft surface of the turf will make you want to sit in it longer. But what about the sun? You can combine artificial grass with a Pergola in your garden. A pergola is a shade that can be covered to provide protection from the sun. When you install a pergola in your garden and synthetic turf, you will enjoy the outdoors longer. Also, you can bring a few cushions and place them under your pergola to create an attractive outdoor space. 

Plant Beautiful Garden Plant

Planting beautiful garden flowers in your garden is a great way to decorate your home in Nigeria. There are lots of flowers that you can use to complement your artificial turf. Also, homeowners can use artificial flowers along with their synthetic turf. Like artificial grass carpets, synthetic flowers require little care without the everyday wetting of natural flowers. Aside from that, artificial flowers do not shed leaves. 


Garden decor with artificial grass carpet in Nigeria means using synthetic turf to design your property. Homeowners can lay Artificial grass in their backyard and children’s playground. Also, homeowners can install a pergola to provide shade and use artificial flowers to complement synthetic turf. 

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