What Is Artificial Grass Price by the Rolls?

Artificial grass is a great landscaping material to use in your home. The grass turf has a durable surface texture that lasts longer under any weather. Aside from that, artificial grass carpet surface texture will resist wear due to constant use. This grass mat is purposely designed for places with high foot traffic, like school fields and commercial settings. Using artificial grass in your home is not free. Homeowners must spend money to get the grass. After purchasing the artificial grass turf, you will install it or lay it in your home. But how much does it cost to buy artificial grass in Nigeria? This article discusses artificial grass price by the rolls. 

How Is Artificial Grass Sold?

Artificial grass is sold by the rolls. If you want to buy synthetic grass, you have to measure your lot and convert the result to square meters or feet. Artificial grass rolls are sold differently. The surface texture of the turf affects the price. Aside from that, the size of the grass also determines how much you will spend on it. For example, if you have a large backyard that is 20m long and 3m wide, you should multiply the length and width to get the result. Multiplying 20 by 3 will give you 60 square meters. So, if you want to install artificial grass carpets in your backyard, you will purchase 60 square meters of turf. That is how to know the right quantity of turf to use in your backyard. Now that you know how to measure your yard, the next thing is how much the turf costs. 

Artificial Grass Price Per Square Meters

The surface texture and color of the turf affect artificial grass price per square meter. If you want to use synthetic turf, you must buy from a supplier. Most artificial grass suppliers sell their products in square meters. After measuring your garden or backyard, you have to buy the turf per square meter. To buy a one square meter green 10mm artificial turf, you will spend around NGN4500. The longer the blade length, the more expensive the artificial grass carpet. For example, 20mm artificial grass will cost around NGN5500, while 35mm turf will cost NGN6600 per square meter. 

And if you want to buy 50mm grass, you should be ready to spend around NGN11000 per square meter. So, if you are on a budget, you can go for shorter blades of artificial turf. But if you want to invest in your home improvement, longer turf blades are the best. They will make your lawn look like real grass, creating a unique feel when relaxing in your garden. Another thing that affects artificial grass price per square meter is the color. 

Unlike natural grass, you can use a colored lawn when installing synthetic grass in your garden. Homeowners can use yellow artificial grass carpets. Aside from that, property owners can use red and blue artificial turf on their property. Purchasing colored artificial grass is more expensive than normal green. Yellow artificial grass price by the roll will cost around NGN7500 per square meter for 20mm turf. The same goes for blue and red artificial turf rolls. 

Artificial Grass Price by the Rolls

How Much Does it Cost to Install Artificial Turf?

Installing artificial turf is an option, depending on where you want to fix it. If you purchase artificial grass to use in your backyard, you might need the service of a turf installer. Artificial grass installers are skilled at fixing the turf to the ground. While most installers will charge you a lot to install your grass, others will work for a much cheaper price. The amount you will pay an installer to fix your artificial grass depends on how large your backyard is. 

A small backyard is easy to work on, while a large one will cost much. You should consult with the turf installer before laying your artificial grass. Also, try to negotiate a deal with your grass installer to get a much cheaper price. If you plan to use artificial grass inside your home, you don’t need the service of an installer. Homeowners can use synthetic turf as a rug inside their house to make it attractive. 


What is artificial grass price by the rolls? The price of artificial turf by the rolls depends on the size and the surface texture—colored artificial grass cost more than green turf. Also, longer blade length grass costs more than shorter blades. When buying artificial grass, you should examine the features to know which is right. 

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