Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Artificial grass has come a long way in its use in home improvement. More and more homeowners recognize the importance of using artificial grass carpets for landscaping their property. And Nigerian homeowners are not left behind. Although artificial grass has been used for more than three decades in other parts of the world, it is new in Nigeria. Few homeowners are yet to know the benefits of using one of the best landscaping materials available for home improvement. This article discusses artificial grass in Nigeria, its uses, and how you can buy and install it on your property. 

What Is Artificial Grass? 

Artificial grass is the synthetic alternative to natural carpet grass. If you have seen carpet grass, you should know what artificial grass looks like. Unlike carpet grass that must be planted if you want to enjoy it, artificial grass is made in a factory. The primary raw materials used to make synthetic grass are plastics and color pigmentation. Like carpet grass, homeowners can use artificial grass for landscaping their property, covering the topsoil to prevent erosion. But there is more to the use of artificial grass carpets. The next heading will explain. 

What Are the Features of Artificial Turf?

Artificial grass features include easy maintenance, durability, aesthetics, and long-lasting. 

Durability: That artificial grass is durable is evidenced when you install it outdoors. A durable flooring material will not wear out easily due to constant use. Aside from that, a durable flooring material will resist the elements of nature and heavy foot traffic. Artificial grass carpet is durable because it is a synthetic material. The turf is made of plastic that easily resists damage when you lay it outdoors and indoors. The durability of synthetic turf affects its lifespan. 

Long-lasting: Another feature of artificial grass carpet is that it is long-lasting. This makes it an economical landscaping material in Nigeria. The lifespan of artificial grass carpets varies on the brand. But the average lifespan of synthetic turf is around eight years. Some artificial grass brands will last for ten years, making you enjoy the turf longer. 

Easy Maintenance: Another feature of artificial grass in Nigeria is that it is easy to maintain. Maintenance is crucial if you want your grass to last longer. A material that is easy to maintain will save money and last longer than one that is not. Synthetic grass does not require all the watering natural carpet grass needs. Aside from that, artificial grass does not need chemical treatment. This is because pests and diseases cannot affect artificial turf. This makes using artificial grass in Nigeria easy and cost-effective.

Aesthetic: Natural carpet grass is green. But did you know that you can get artificial carpet grass that is yellow, blue, or red? With astroturf, you can increase the curb appeal of your property, converting your old garden into a modern one. 

Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Where Can I Use Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy artificial grass in Nigeria? There are several places Nigerian homeowners can use their turf. You can install synthetic turf in your backyard garden. If you have kids, you can install artificial grass in their playgrounds. Aside from that, homeowners can install artificial grass in their pet playgrounds. Your dog run can use an artificial grass carpet. This makes artificial grass perfect for dogs and other pets. Aside from using artificial grass outdoors, you can use it inside your home. Using artificial grass carpet indoors makes it better than natural carpet grass. With synthetic turf, you can bring the outdoors indoors. Your sitting room, office, gym, and party room can use artificial grass carpet. 

How Do They Sell Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria sell their turf in square meters or square feet. Artificial grass price per square meter varies on the brand, color, pile height, and size. The cost of artificial grass in Nigeria ranges from NGN4500 to NGN11000 per square meter. This means that if your room is 10 square meters, you will spend about NGN45000 to buy the artificial grass. 

How Do I Install Artificial Grass Carpets?

You only have to lay an artificial grass carpet if you want to use it inside your house. The concrete floor of your house will provide a solid base for the grass. If you want to install artificial grass outdoors, you need the service of an installer. Of course, this will mean spending a little, but it is worth it because the installer will ensure that your turf is installed properly. 


Are you planning to install artificial grass in Nigeria? This article provides insight on artificial turf, its uses, and how to buy it. 

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