Composite Decking Installation Using Clips and Fasteners

Are you planning to install composite decking on your property? There are several ways of installing your decking after purchasing the boards. You can use composite screws to fix your boards to the joist, or you can use clips. If you want decking with a clean finish, using composite decking clips is the best option. But what are the best clips for composite decking? What are the advantages of installing composite boards with clips? Can I install composite decking with screws? Read this article to know more. 

What Are Composite Decking Clips?

Composite decking clips are some of the accessories you need to install your decking. They are designed to fit composite decking boards to the joists, giving you a clean finish. 

What Are the Best Clips for Composite Decking?

Types of Composite Decking Clips

There are two types of decking clips you can use to fix your boards – starter and intermediate clips. The starter clips are used to fix the boards at the edge of your decking, while intermediate clips are used on the remaining. 

Composite decking hidden clips are designed to fit in the rebates you see on the boards. You can use stainless clips or plastic fixing clips when installing your decking. 

Using clips for composite decking will make installation easier. Aside from that, the boards are laid with no damage to their integrity, making it possible to get a nice-looking deck without the usual marks you get when you use screws. 

Your composite boards will look cleaner when you fix it with clips, and there will never be any issues with raised screws catching your bare feet. 

Composite clips can be used in timber or steel joists during installation. 

Plastic Securing Clips

These clips provide a 5mm gap between the boards. Plastic clips are used to fix composite boards to the joists during installation. 

 Clips for Composite Decking

Stainless Starter Clips

Starter clips are used to fix the first sets of composite boards during installation. These clips are shaped like the letter L with a hook at the edge. Once used, they hold the outside edge of the decking in place. 

Steel Composite Board Clips

These stainless steel composite board clips are manufactured to provide a 3mm gap when you install your decking with them. 304 stainless clips have four fixing points for maximum holding and allow the fixing of butt-ends to joists. 

Vertical Clips

Vertical clips can be used as starter clips. They have the flexibility of fixing the vertical face of the joists. Also, you can use vertical decking clips when installing picture frame decks, steps, walkways and other designs. 

Framing Clip

This picture frame clip helps to facilitate the installation of a picture frame deck without direct fixing.

composite decking installation

How Many Clips Do I Need for Composite Decking?

When installing your composite boards, you can use as many clips as you like to ensure you fix the boards firmly to the joists. We recommend that you use around 6-8 clips per board, depending on the length of the boards. Also, don’t forget to leave at least a 5 mm gap between the boards to allow for drainage. 

Are You Planning to Use Composite Decking Clips?

Installing your decking with clips and fasteners is one of the best things to do if you want beautiful decking. You can buy decking clips on the Amazon official website. Follow the link on the page to buy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Hidden Composite Decking Clips?

Yes! Installing decking with a hidden fastening system creates a clean, smooth surface better than screws. Rather than installing screws through the top of every deck board, clips are attached to the joists, pinning the boards down and securing them firmly. Also, remember that hidden clips will give you a clean finish. 

What Are the Best Clips for Composite Decking?

There are several decking clips you can buy on Amazon. Here are some of the best clips to use
National Nail Camo 1750-Pro Pack 2 3/8 inch
TREX Hideaway Plastic Fasteners with Screws
TimberTech CONCEALoc Fastener.

Can You Screw Down Composite Decking?

Yes, you can put screws through composite decking. We don’t recommend installing your composite decking with screws because they make the boards’ surface unattractive. Aside from that, it can void your composite decking warranty. So, you have to get it right by using clips.
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