Types of Levi’s Jeans for Men

There are different types of Levi’s jeans available, but the problem is choosing the right one. Levi’s uses a classic three-digit numbering system to help its customers choose the style that is right for them. With so many numbers, which jeans should you choose? This article discusses the different types of Levi’s men’s jeans and helps you select the right one. Let’s start with Levi’s men’s jeans. 

Men’s Levi’s® Jeans

Men’s Levi’s jeans come in different sizes and styles that differentiate them. That is why choosing the right fit for your body is essential to looking good. There are various Levi’s jeans for men you can buy, here are a few. 

Levi’s 501 Men’s Jeans

When you think of a classic pair of jeans, Levi’s 501 comes to mind. These are the very first Levi’s jeans and the original button fly has changed a little keeping them simple and in trend. Levi’s 501 regular fits are complimented with a straight leg, making them versatile for years after you buy it. These jeans pair well with a sneaker, Oxford or Derby. 

Levi’s 505 Jeans

If you want your body to look stylish, Levi’s 505 is the answer. These jeans have a mid-rise and zip fly that is casual and comfortable. Also, they have straight leg that makes them modern without being fitted. Like the Levi’s 501, you can wear this jean with a cool sneaker or dress shoe. 

Levi’s 510 Men’s Jeans

The Levi’s 510 men’s jeans are the perfect outfit for any outing. The jeans pair well with a sneaker or dress shoes along with a polo t-shirt of matching color. Also, Levi’s 510, like other Levi’s jeans, is a business casual jeans. 

Levi’s 511 Men’s Jeans

What Are the Different Types of Levi's Men's Jeans?

Modern guys that want to stay on trend can buy these Levi’s jeans. The slimmer look fits just below the waist, keeping them looking fly for any occasion. You can wear them with your favorite t-shirt and a sneaker or dress shoe and look hot for everyday use. Don’t forget that Levi’s jeans are made of durable denim materials that ensure they last long.  

Levi’s 513 Jeans

Different Types of Levi's Men's Jeans

Levi’s 513 will keep you modern and on-trend. The low-rise design has a zip fly with slim skinny legs that show off your sleek look, making you look like a rock star. The Levi’s 513 pairs well with sleek dress shoes or sneakers. 

Levi’s 514 Men’s Jeans

Levi’s took a regular fit with a perfectly straight leg and paired it with a lower rise in Levi’s 514. This gives it an improved look and feels that makes it perfect for wearing casual dresses. 

Levi’s 517 Jeans

Levi’s 517 is stylish pair of jeans for modern men. The updated regular fit is balanced with a boot cut that goes well with sneakers or cowboy boots. 

527 from Levi’s

 Types of Levi's Men's Jeans

These Levi’s jeans have a modern low rise with a traditional boot-cut leg. Also, they have wider legs that allow more room to fit over a sneaker or boot. 

Are Levi’s Jeans for Men Worth It?

If you plan to buy Levi’s jeans, asking if it is worth it is a good question. Levi’s jeans are made of durable denim material that ensures they last longer. Also, slim regular Levi’s stretch without tearing and fit your body perfectly. The types of Levi’s men’s jeans discussed in this article are worth every amount you spend on them.

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