Levi’s Jeans for Women

Are you planning to buy a pair of jeans? Perhaps you have heard about Levi’s jeans and how good they are and want to join the team. But which of Levi’s jeans for women will you choose? With so many numbers and a vital buying decision, selecting the right Levi’s is a must. The article answers the question, what are the types of Levi’s jeans for women? 

So, Which Levi’s Jeans Should I Choose?

How can you identify the various Levi’s jeans? Levi’s uses a classic three-digit numbering system to help customers decide which style of jeans is perfect for them. 

For ladies, the style of this number represents the fit through the waist, hips and thighs.

Also, many women’s styles have multiple-leg shoes or cut to select from. 

So, this article will examine the various Levi’s jeans for women types so that you can determine the best fit for you. Click on the link to know the types of Levi’s jeans for men.

Ladies Levi’s Jeans

Levi’s 505 Jeans for Ladies

Levi’s 505 has a relaxed fit, making it the perfect pair of jeans for everyday casual wear. It has a mid and high rise that brings out your figure when you wear it. Curvy? These jeans are perfect for you. The straight leg can be worked with ankle boots or heels. 

Levi’s 512 Jeans for Women

If you want slim jeans, Levi’s 512 is the right one. It has a classic rise and a slimming fit design with a front and back rise and leg opening. Enjoy these lovely jeans with a boot, heels or sandals. And to cap it all, you can flaunt your curves with these lovely jeans. 

Levi’s 515 

If you want regular-fit jeans with a mid-rise that is figure flattering, 515 is the fitting Levi’s jean to pick. Aside from the mid-rise, it has a front rise, back rise and leg opening designed to complement your shape. 

Levi’s 518

Levi's 518 jeans for women

Levi’s 518 features a slimmer silhouette through the hip and thigh for a sleek and sophisticated look. It has a low, front, and back rise with a relaxed fit and straight leg and boot cut.  

Levi’s 524 Ladies Jeans

The Levi’s 524 is made with an ultra-low rise and a skinny fit for a modern and trendy look. Also, it has a front and back rise and leg opening. The slim thigh and hips create a lovely shape that makes it versatile for casual days and dressed-up evenings. 

Levi’s 529

Levi’s 529 has a slim fit that perfectly compliments the boot-cut leg. If you are curvy, this jean is the right one for you. Flaunt your shape and stay on trend with Levi’s 529.

Levi’s 535 

types of Levi's jeans for women

Another type of Levi’s jeans for women is the 535. These jeans are perfect when giving your leggings a rest while staying classic. The ultra-low rise and super skinny fit make you flaunt your shape with these lovely jeans. 

Not sure which Levi’s jeans for women to choose? The various Levi’s jeans for women come in different sizes and shapes. You can check your shape and select the perfect match for your size. 

Not sure if Levi’s jeans are worth the money? Levi’s jeans are durable denim materials that are guaranteed to last longer. You can buy any Levi’s jeans with the assurance that they will last long. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are the Different Types of Levi’s Jeans for Women?

The various Levi’s jeans for women are Levi’s 505, 512, 515, 518, 524, 529, and 532. The jeans come in various fits for different body types. 

How Much Are Levi’s Jeans for Women?

Levi’s jeans for women come at different prices. The price range for a good Levi’s jeans is between $40 to $200. 

What Can I Wear with Levi’s Jean?

Men can wear nice sneakers or dress shoes with Levi’s jeans, while women can wear a pair of heels or boots with their Levi’s. 

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