Tips for Composite Decking Care

Does composite decking need maintenance? How do I clean my composite decking? These are some questions homeowners are asking before and after they buy composite wood decking from a supplier. And we are sure you want the answers to those questions, too, since you are here. Keep on reading to know more. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions. 

Does Composite Decking Need Maintenance?

Yes, but not like wood decking. Composite decking boards are durable flooring materials that have a long lifespan. But still, you have to clean your decking to make it attractive and last longer. This means using soap and water. Unlike wood decking that needs sealing, staining, or painting during maintenance, composite decking needs a simple cleaning. That is all

Is Composite Decking Hard to Maintain?

No, composite decking is simple to maintain. Unlike timber decking that must be scrubbed to remove mold, mildew, and stain to make it attractive, composite decking does not need elaborate cleaning. Also, composite decking is cheap to maintain, saving costs over the years, unlike wood decking. 

Can You Mop a Composite Deck?

Yes, you can mop a composite deck to remove oil and grease stains. Clean the deck with liquid detergent and water, and scrub with a brush to remove most surface stains and layers of dirt that accumulate. 

Does Vinegar Hurt Composite Decking?

Cleaning your composite decking with vinegar is perfectly safe. Vinegar is a natural cleaning product that is mixed with baking soda and applied to the decking. Also, vinegar is non-toxic and doesn’t pose a danger to health. 
composite decking maintenance

Tips for Composite Decking Maintenance 

We have put together some composite decking maintenance tips to help you easily clean your deck.

Avoid Standing Water

Manufacturers of composite decking designed their products to resist water and rot associated with timber decking. But you should still minimize standing water like puddles since mold and mildew are common environmental conditions that require them to grow. 

Redirect Runoff

Rainwater that lands on the roof of your house can run off to the surface of your composite decking. Make sure to redirect those runoffs, so the decking doesn’t get excess exposure to moisture. 

Ventilated Under Your Decking

When air circulates under your composite decking, the boards will dry faster. So, ensure your deck has at least 6 inches of unobstructed airflow beneath it. 

Unclog Gaps in Boards

Leaves, grass, twigs, etc., can get stuck in the gaps between your composite boards. The debris can cause organic decay on your decking if the debris gets wet. So, if you notice a build-up of dirt in the gaps between your decking, use a spatula or putty knife to get them out. 

Sweep Regularly

Sweeping your deck is easy if you want to prevent debris from getting caught in the gaps. Ensure you regularly sweep during autumn, when leaves fall en masse. 

Remove Dirt and Snow

If you discover dirt in your composite decking surface, one way to maintain it is to remove it by sweeping the surface. After, you can scrub the decking with water and vinegar to ensure it is completely clean. 

During winter, another composite decking maintenance tip is to ensure you remove snow from your composite decking during maintenance to reduce the weight on the deck. 

c;leaning your composite decking with soapy water

Scrub Grease

Another composite decking maintenance tip is to scrub oil, grease and wine stain from the surface of your composite decking at all times. You can use a brush and soapy water for that. 

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the last composite decking maintenance tip to ensure that your decking lasts longer. You should regularly schedule time for cleaning the deck to remove all traces of mold, dirt, and stains. 

How to Do Composite Deck Maintenance

Sweep Your Composite Decking

Sweeping is the first step in how to do composite decking maintenance. Use a broom to remove dirt, leaves, twigs, etc., from every part of your decking, including the gaps between boards. sweep your deck

Prepare the Solution

The solution refers to the cleaning agent you will use in your composite decking. 

. Using soapy water. You can clean your composite decking with a mixture of soap and water. Mix any detergent or dish soap with water and pour the mixture on your decking before scrubbing. 

. Cleaning composite decking with Simple Green. To create your Simple Green solution, mix 1 measure of Simple Green Oxy Solve with 20 measures of water in a bucket. Then apply the solution to your composite decking. 

. Cleaning composite decking with vinegar. Make a DIY composite deck cleaner by adding 1 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water.  Pour in 1/4 cup of baking soda. Make sure you use a large bucket because your vinegar and baking soda will fizz. When the solution is ready, pour it on your composite decking. 

. Cleaning composite decking with bleach. Do not use bleach to clean your composite decking. 

Wash Your Composite Decking

After getting the right cleaner to use, you can begin washing your decking. Use a soft brush to scrub the deck surface along the grain to ensure you have removed all traces of stain or dirt to spraying your decking


Composite decking is easy to maintain. That is why homeowners love it. Composite decking maintenance ensures that your deck lasts longer and stays healthy for years. 

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