Oraimo 27000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

Getting a power bank is a sure thing in Nigeria. Several brands are making power banks, but few stand up to par. This leaves you with the Oraimo power bank. And from their large collection of power banks is the 27000mAh massive power bank. What is the Oraimo traveler 3 Byte massive 27000mAh power bank price in Nigeria? Click to learn more. 

Oraimo Traveler 3 Byte Massive Power 27000mAh Power Bank Specifications

  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 27000mAh
  • Input1(Lightning): 5V-2A
  • Input2(Type-C): 5V-2A
  • Input3(Micro USB): 5V-2A
  • Output1(USB): 5V⎓2.1A Max
  • Output2(USB): 5V⎓2.1A Max
  • Dimension: 159*81*32mm

This power bank is slim and portable, making it easy to put in your pocket when traveling. Its Ultra-high 27000mAh enables you to charge your phones over six times. 

Charging this power bank is easy. It has a dual charging port with Oraimo fast charging technology that charges two devices simultaneously without sacrificing charging speed. 

And what about recharging the power bank? It comes with a lightning-fast Type-C and Micro-USB recharging port that makes you charge it quickly when the power is low. 

Oraimo 27000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

If safety is your concern, Oraimo Traveler 3 Byte Massive Power 27000mAh power bank has surge protection, short circuit prevention, and many advanced safety features that keep your devices safe. 

To monitor how you are using power, it has a built-in LED display that shows the remaining capacity in digital format. 

What Is the Cost of the Oraimo 27000mAh Power Bank in Nigeria? 

More than 4000 happy customers have purchased this power bank in Nigeria. The cost of buying the Oraimo 27000mAh Power bank in Nigeria is ₦19,000 directly from the Oraimo store. 


The Oraimo 27000mAh Power bank is massive, massive, massive. The price of this power bank is not too expensive so that it won’t break your pocket. That is why you should consider buying it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How strong is the Oraimo 27000mAh power bank?

The Oraimo 27000mAh Power bank is strong enough to charge most phones over 6 times. Aside from that, it has a good charging speed that won’t decrease when you use it to charge two phones.

How many hours does Oraimo 27000mAh charge?

How long the Oraimo 27000mAh power bank lasts depends on the size of the phones you are charging. You can use the power bank to charge your Samsung or Tecno phone to 100% over 6 times. 

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