Long-lasting Perfumes for Ladies in Nigeria

Did you know that you can get perfume without spending much? Yes, there are many cheap perfumes for ladies in Nigeria, but few stand out. We will help you select the best cheap perfumes for ladies in Nigeria. 

What Is a Cheap Perfume?

A cheap perfume is a less expensive fragrance ladies can wear if they want to smell good. Note that cheap perfume, as used in this article, does not mean refill. 

What Is the Price Range of Long-lasting Perfumes for Ladies in Nigeria?

How cheap are cheap perfumes in Nigeria? Well, very cheap. Most people will tell you they spend up to 50k to buy perfume, but that might be too expensive for some. Affordable perfume prices are between #1,500 and #8,000. Most people will doubt that they will smell good, but when you try one, you will clear your doubts.

Long-lasting Perfumes for Ladies in Nigeria 

There are lots of long-lasting perfumes ladies in Nigeria can buy for a good price. Here are some of them. 

Cheap Ladies Perfume Ophylia With Free Body Spray

Price ₦ 8000

Best Cheap Perfumes for Ladies in Nigeria

This perfume has a sweet, woody scent with attractive grassy accents of basil and lavender. It is the perfect long-lasting perfume for women you can buy in Nigeria. 

Arabiyat Lamsat Harir Eau De Parfum

Price ₦ 7000

Best Cheap Perfumes in Nigeria

This is a fruity floral fragrance for ladies. The top notes are black currant and grapes. Middle notes are jasmine, heliotrope and tuberose, while base notes are cedar, musk and patchouli. 

Active Woman 100ml Perfume

Price ₦ 10,000

Ladies in Nigeria

Active Woman is a cheap perfume for ladies in Nigeria. It is one of the best products in deodorants and perfumes that offers a fresh and invigorating smell. Stay fresh and on the game with this perfume. 

Smart Collection Eau DE PERFUME FOR WOMEN

Price ₦ 4000

Cheap Perfumes

Get the best cheap perfume and smell good all day. Smart Collection is long-lasting and affordable for ladies. 

Are You Ready to Buy a Cheap Perfume for Ladies?

If you want cheap perfume for ladies in Nigeria, you can check our online store and make your pick. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Cheap Perfume?

A cheap perfume is a fragrance that smells good and comes at an affordable price. The price range of this kind of perfume is between #1500 and #8000. 

Where Do You Spray Perfume?

If you want your perfume to last longer, spray it inside your wrists, inner elbow, below your belly button, behind ear lobes and the back of your neck. Those places are called pulse points. 

Can Men Wear Female Scents?

Yes, men can wear feminine perfumes, and women can wear masculine perfumes. It is a personal preference.
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