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Paint in Nigeria

So you want to give your house a lovely paint? Perhaps you have tried other brands, but they fade quickly. And then you want to try a better paint brand. Berger paint in Nigeria is one of the best brands you can choose when you want to paint the wall of your house. The quality is superb and it lasts longer on any wall. But, what is Berger paint price in Nigeria? How much is 1L of paint in Nigeria? How much is Berger epoxy paint in Nigeria? Continue reading to know more. 

What Is Paint?

A paint is any pigment that after application to a substrate in a thin layer converts to a solid film. Paints are commonly used to decorate the surface they are painted on. At times, the paint can serve as a protective coating or texture. 

What Are the Different Types of Wall Paint And Finishes?

Paint comes in different types and finishes. Below are some of the paint finishes and types you can find in the market. 

  • Matte Finish. 
  • Textured Finish. 
  • Satin Finish. 
  • Eggshell Finish. 
  • Semi-gloss. 
  • High-gloss Finish. 
  • Super-matte.

What Are the Different Paint Brands in Nigeria?

When choosing paint to use in decorating your house in Nigeria, the brand matters. Some brands make top quality pigment, while some don’t. The best paint brands in Nigeria are

  • Berger Paints Nigeria. 
  • Dulux Paints. 
  • International Paints West Africa (IPWA).
  • Meyer Paints.
  • Portland Paints Nigeria.
  • Eagle Paints. 
  • Trumpcoat Paints.
  • Premium Paints Plc.

Now let’s go straight to Berger paint price in Nigeria. 

Berger Matt Paint Price in Nigeria

Matte, or flat paint has a much lower sheen or gloss so it won’t reflect light as much as a satin finish. Matte is perfect for concealing any surface blemishes on walls and as it has a lot of pigment, it’s quick and easy to apply. They are often used to paint walls or ceiling in Nigeria. 

Berger Luxol Acrylic Matte paint 4L cost #4000

Berger Gloss Paint Price in Nigeria 

Gloss paints have a highly reflective appearance giving the wall a slick, contemporary look. They are tough, durable and stain-resistant. Gloss paints are easier to clean and are typically used in kitchens, bathrooms and on doors and cabinets exposed to fingerprints and grime.

Here are the prices of Berger Gloss paints in Nigeria. 

Berger Nigeria Luxol Gloss 4L – Light Colour

Price ₦18,000

What Is Berger Paint Price in Nigeria?

Berger Nigeria Luxol Gloss 4L – Deep Colour

Price ₦20,000

Berger Paint Price in Nigeria

Berger Satin Paint Price in Nigeria 

Satin paint has some sheen to it, and is an excellent choice for hardworking rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms. It stands up exceptionally well to scrubbing and regular cleaning. 

Berger Nigeria Clinstay Satin Finish – 4L -White

Price ₦14,653

Paint Price in Nigeria

Berger Emulsion Paint Price in Nigeria

Emulsion paint is exclusively for interior walls and ceilings. It’s the most common type of interior paint. You can use emulsion paint on previously painted interior walls or newly plastered walls.

Berger Nigeria Super Star Emulsion – 20 L Light Color

Price ₦29,400

Berger 20 liter paint price in Nigeria

Are You Ready to Buy Paint in Nigeria? 

Do you want to buy Berger paint in Nigeria? Berger paint is one of the best products you can use to decorate your home interior. You can buy Berger paint from our online store. 

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