Affordable Perfume for Sale in Nigeria 

Did you know that you can get a nice-smelling perfume in Nigeria if you are on a budget? Who wants to spend lots of money on expensive perfumes anyway when you can get one for a good price? If you are on a budget and want something that smells good, you need to narrow your search to cheap perfume (not refill) that lasts long in Nigeria. What are they? And how much can you buy cheap perfume in Nigeria? This article answers those questions. 

What Are Cheap Perfumes?

One thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions cheap perfume in Nigeria is refills. But this article does not discuss refills; we are considering less expensive perfumes. 

You can consider a cheap perfume as something that doesn’t cost much. When considering buying ‘pef’, it is not uncommon to hear people spend much above #50,000 to buy perfume because they are imported. 

But what if you don’t want to spend up to that amount? You can get something that smells nice between #1500 and #10,000. Those are the price range of cheap perfume. 

Did you know that you can buy a perfume for 2k that will smell sweet and last longer? Let’s look at the list of cheap perfumes in Nigeria.

List of Cheap Perfumes in Nigeria

Hummer Perfume 100ml

Price #2000 – #3000

Hummer Perfume is an affordable ‘pef’ you can buy in any store in Nigeria. The price varies depending on your location. But you can expect to spend #2000 to #3000 to buy it. One notable feature of Hummer perfume is its long-lasting smell. Unlike most cheap perfumes in Nigeria that vanish minutes after spraying, Hummer’s sweet-smelling scent will stick to you long enough. 

Emergency Perfume EDP – 100ml

Price ₦ 2000 – ₦ 3000

Cheap Perfume that Last Long in Nigeria (not refill)

Emergency perfume is the mother of all cheap or affordable perfume you can buy in Nigeria. The scent is strong and lasts longer when you wear it. Spray Emergency perfume on your skin or cloth and enjoy the sweet-smelling scent for hours. And the best part of Emergency perfume is that it is cheap. 

Inspire Eau De Parfum Inspire-100ml

Price ₦ 2000 – ₦ 3000

Perfume that Last Long in Nigeria

INSPIRE perfume by Givanas has a dazzling oriental and floral aroma. It is a romantic blend of Asian fruits with subtle undertones of musk and raspberry. I am sure you don’t care about the description above. You want to know if it lasts longer and smells sweet, right? Yes, INSPIRE perfume is a cheap perfume in Nigeria that smells sweet and last longer. 

Lattafa Opulent Musk EDP 100ml – White

Price ₦ 7000 – ₦ 8000

Perfume in Nigeria

This rich, Arabian masculine scent gives you an air of mystery and makes a statement wherever you go. It is cheap, long-lasting and has a sweet smell. 

Are You Ready to Buy a Cheap Perfume in Nigeria?

You can buy affordable perfume for men and women in Nigeria from any store you like. Or, you can shop for cheap perfume from Shopsavis. Click on products and scroll to perfume to get what you want.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Cheap Perfumes Last?

Well, it depends on the cheap perfume. If you buy a good cheap perfume like Emergency or Hummer, you can expect the scent to last long after spraying it. Cheap perfumes should not be confused with refills. 

What Makes Perfume Last Longer?

Buy a long-lasting perfume if you want the scent to last longer. Also, you should spray the fragrance towards your pulse points – wrist, neck and behind ears. Those areas of heat will diffuse the perfume and help it last longer. 
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