Does Artificial Grass Lose Its Color?

Are you planning to lay fake grass in your garden? Homeowners are increasingly using artificial grass as a carpet to landscape their property and as a rug to design their home interior. The increase in fake grass use is due to many reasons. Artificial grass is durable, providing a long-lasting surface for your outdoor activities. Aside from that, fake grass is aesthetically pleasing. The beautiful surface texture of fake grass makes it perfect for any environment. But what happens after using synthetic grass for a long time? Does artificial grass lose its color?

What Is Artificial Grass and How Is It Made? 

Artificial grass is a lawn material designed to replace natural carpet grass. So, instead of planting carpet grass on your lawn and waiting for it to grow, you can purchase artificial grass and install it right away. The materials used to make artificial grass turf are polyethylene and nylon, of which the latter is stronger. Polyethylene and nylon are used to make fake grass blades, providing a durable and resilient turf for your garden. Synthetic turf is made in a factory where nylon and polyethylene are mixed with color pigmentation and UV inhibitors to make it resistant to sunlight. After the blades are added to the backing and artificial grass is formed.

Is Artificial Grass UV Protected?

Yes, fake grass is UV protected to ensure that you enjoy the beautiful color for a long time. When making artificial turf, engineers add UV inhibitors to the grass to prevent fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun. 

Will Artificial Grass Ever Fade?

Homeowners want to know if they will enjoy the beautiful color of their synthetic turf forever. When you use fake grass for a long time, let’s say, ten years, depending on the grade will lose its attractive color. Most artificial grass suppliers will give you a warranty on their products. They will tell you that your fake grass will last for 10 or 15 years, depending on the brand. If your artificial grass warranty is ten years, you should expect to enjoy the attractive surface texture for that period. After the warranty, your fake grass can lose its color and become less attractive. But the point is that your grass will not fade when the warranty is covered as long as you use it properly.

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How Do I Keep My Artificial Grass from Fading?

Keeping your fake grass from fading is not a tedious task. Homeowners can ensure that their fake grass surface texture lasts longer with a little cleaning and washing. 

Regularly Maintain Your Synthetic Grass

Maintaining your fake grass is crucial to making the color last longer. If you discover dirt on the surface of your synthetic grass, you should clean it right away. Dirt can be in the form of leaves, twigs, tree branches, food dropping, and papers. You should ensure that you don’t leave dirt lying on your synthetic turf if you want to enjoy the grass. Food droppings and leaves can decay on the artificial grass surface, giving rise to the growth of mold and mildew on your turf. When this happens, your fake grass will lose its attractive color. So, one way to keep your artificial grass from losing its color is to maintain it. 

Rotate Heavy Equipment to Ensure Consistency

If you place a heavy object on your artificial grass, you should regularly rotate it to prevent color loss on one side. A heavy object can stop the sun’s UV rays from reaching the surface of your turf, protecting the grass beneath from fading. 

Clean Stain Immediately

Stains can distort the surface texture of your artificial grass if left without cleaning. You wash stains like grease, oil, and wine off the surface of your fake grass if you want it to maintain its beautiful color. 

Don’t Use Bleach to Clean Your Fake Grass

Do you want to clean your artificial grass quickly? Most homeowners don’t have the time to clean their turf. Some will go to the extent of using bleach to remove stains from the surface of artificial grass. Bleach will clean your fake grass faster, but it will remove the color and make it less attractive. That is why homeowners should not use bleach if they don’t want their fake grass to lose its color.


Does artificial grass lose its color? Fake grass surface texture will last longer, making you enjoy the turf for a long time. But prolonged use and exposure to the sun can make artificial grass lose its color. This can happen after using your fake grass past the warranty. 

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