Can You Paint Artificial Carpet Grass?

The good news about fake grass rugs is that you can customize them. Customizing your artificial grass comes in different ways. For example, homeowners can install synthetic turf of different colors and textures on their lawn. Aside from that, homeowners can lay artificial grass carpets along with other flooring materials like concrete and porcelain tiles. But what about painting fake grass? If you don’t like the present color of your synthetic grass, you can always change it to any color you want. This means that homeowners can paint their artificial carpet grass. This article discusses how you can paint your fake grass. 

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Should I Change the Color of My Synthetic Turf? 

Have you installed fake grass on your lawn and later realized that you don’t like your selected color? Several homeowners have done that, hence the need to change the surface texture of your turf. With the right paint, you can change the artificial grass color. But is it necessary? No, it is not. Fake grass comes with different surface textures and colors, giving you the chance to select any you want. For example, an artificial grass supplier in Lagos like Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells blue, red, yellow, and green synthetic turf. 

If you want a blue lawn, you can purchase the color of your choice. Also, if you want to use a yellow artificial grass rug in your home, you can get it. This is why painting artificial grass, although good, is not necessary. Aside from that, painting your carpet grass will cost you money and time. This means that homeowners will spend more on maintaining their synthetic turf than usual. But what if you have artificial turf on your lawn and want to change the color? The next heading will explain instances where homeowners can paint their artificial grass carpet. 


When You Should Paint Your Artificial Turf

Some occasions might warrant painting your artificial grass carpet. For example, if you have used your turf for a long time, painting it is one way you can rejuvenate the color. The sun’s UV rays can fade the color of your synthetic turf after using it to pass the warranty. Homeowners that have installed their artificial grass for more than ten years will notice that it is no longer attractive. So, the best way to make it attractive is to give it a little smash of painting. Another reason homeowners should paint their artificial grass is due to damage. If you stain your synthetic grass and find it difficult to remove, you can use paint to cover the stain. 

What Kind of Paint Can I Use on Artificial Turf?

Painting fake grass rugs require skills. You have to use the right paint and do the task carefully. The best paint to use on artificial grass carpets is acrylic paint. Paints made for artificial turf are designed to stick to the fibers, enduring the harsh weather while lasting longer. Synthetic turf paint provides maximum adhesion to the blades of your grass. Homeowners can also use removable chalk paint, which can serve as a good alternative when painting your turf. This paint is a water-based solution suitable for grass surfaces, car parks, and tennis lawns. 

How Long Will Artificial Grass Paint Last?

Surely you will want to know how long the new paint will last after changing the color. That varies according to your location and how you use the grass. If you live where the sun is hot, the paint on your artificial grass carpet will last for about six months. Places with less sun intensity will experience fewer UV rays, making the paint on the fake grass carpet last for more than 12 months. If you use your artificial grass regularly for outdoor activities, you should expect the paint to last six months. When you notice that your paint peels or fades, you can easily cover it by giving it a fresh spray. 

How to Spray Artificial Grass Turf

Painting your fake grass is not a difficult task if you are handy and can work for hours. You will need to purchase the paint from a store and mix it. Prepare the solution you want to apply to your artificial grass and use a spray to apply the pigment. You can use a machine to spray your artificial turf to make your work faster. 


Can you paint artificial carpet grass? Yes, you can. Painting fake grass is one-way homeowners can change the color and make it attractive. You can use acrylic paint with any water base solution to paint your lawn. 


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