When Is the Best Time to Lay Artificial Grass?

Are you planning to install artificial turf on your property? Every home deserves a beautiful landscape, and yours should not be left behind. One way homeowners can beautify their landscape is by installing artificial grass. Artificial grass provides the best outdoor solution that homeowners can use to replace natural grass. Also, it is a cheap alternative to real grass because it requires less maintenance. To enjoy the benefits of artificial grass carpet, you have to install it. But when is the best time to lay artificial grass? Homeowners will provide different answers to that question. Keep on reading this write-up to know more.

Does It Matter What Time You Install Artificial Turf?

Well, if you plan to enjoy the benefits of artificial carpet grass on your property, must you wait for a period of the year to install it? The answer is no. Homeowners can install synthetic turf any time of the year. This means that if you discover the usefulness of artificial turf in winter, you can have one installed on your property right away. Also, homeowners can decide to install their artificial grass during summer to get a beautiful landscape. But when installing artificial grass carpet, there are things you should consider aside from purchasing the turf. 

One thing that should concern homeowners is installation. After purchasing synthetic turf, you must install it. You can do it yourself or hire an installer to do the task for you. There is no problem if you can install synthetic turf yourself. But if you need the service of an installer, you need to hire one. According to various artificial grass installers, Spring is the best time for you to install synthetic turf. This is because the weather is generally good at this time of the year. 

Also, since Spring is before summer, installing your turf will enable you to prepare for summer on time. During Spring, the ground tends to be nice and soft, making it perfect for anyone that wants to excavate a little when installing their turf. But this does not mean that you can’t install your artificial turf in summer or winter. Many homeowners have done that, and it works well for them. But if you want the best time of the year when the soil is soft and handypersons are easy to hire, install your turf in Spring. 

Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Soil?

Artificial carpet grass was developed to replace natural carpet grass. Since carpet grass is planted on soil in your backyard or front yard, you can lay synthetic grass there. If you have a garden in your backyard and feel like laying synthetic turf, go ahead and enjoy the benefits. Also, artificial grass is perfect for pet areas, children’s playgrounds, and places with high foot traffic. All these places mentioned are where natural carpet grass will not survive. But before you lay artificial grass on soil, you have to prepare the ground. This stage is important unless you are laying your turf on concrete. When you prepare the base of your artificial grass, you will give it a good foundation that drains properly.   

When Is the Best Time to Lay Artificial Grass?

Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Decking?

Do you have decking in your garden? Most homeowners have wood decking or composite decking installed on their property. Laying artificial grass on decking is a good idea if you want the feel of natural carpet grass on it. Note that artificial grass can be used as a rug. This means that you can lay synthetic turf outdoors where you are supposed to lay rugs. Artificial carpet rug is a good alternative to rugs and provides a long-lasting surface.

Can I Lay Artificial Grass Over Pavers?

If you have concrete pavers installed on your property, you can lay artificial grass on them. Synthetic turf can be used to cover old concrete surfaces. So, instead of tiring out your concrete paving, lay artificial grass on it. Aside from that, concrete provides a solid base for artificial grass. 

Can I Use Synthetic Grass Indoor?

One benefit of artificial grass is that homeowners can lay it inside their property. You can use an artificial carpet rug in your sitting room, gym, children’s playground, and office. Note that except you are laying artificial grass on soil, you don’t have to wait for any time of the year to install it. The benefit of artificial turf over natural carpet grass is that you don’t have to plant it. But the turf and install anytime. 


When is the best time to lay artificial grass? According to artificial grass installers, spring is the best time to lay your turf. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of synthetic turf, you can purchase and install your grass anytime.  

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