What Are the Types and Prices of Gas Cookers in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy a gas cooker in Nigeria? There are lots of them, making it a bit challenging to select the best. Perhaps you don’t know the types and costs of buying a gas cooker in Nigeria. This article provides useful tips on the various types and prices of gas cookers in Nigeria

What Is a Gas Cooker?

A gas cooker is a cooking appliance that is powered by gas. Easy right? Any cooking tool that gets its energy from gas can be referred to as a gas cooker. Some people called it a stove, while others simply called it a cooker or standing cooker. The point is, anything that is powered by gas and used to cook food is a gas cooker. 

What Are the Various Types of Gas Cookers in Nigeria?

How do you classify gas cookers in Nigeria? You can classify gas cookers based on size and the number of burners. 

Type of Gas Cookers By Size in Nigeria

Standing Gas Cooker

The standing gas cooker is a type of cooking appliance that has burners on top and an oven below. The oven and cookers are infused into one appliance. They can be installed easily because they are stand-alone cookers. Standing cookers come in different sizes and with different numbers of burners. 

Table Top Gas Cooker

Another type of gas cooker is the tabletop cooking appliance. This kind of cooker is placed on top of a high surface in your kitchen or on your kitchen cabinet. Tabletop gas cookers are small and portable and also come in different sizes and burners. 

Types of Gas Cooker By the Number of Burners

Another way to classify gas cookers in Nigeria is by the number of burners. 

6 Burner Gas Cooker

This cooking appliance is a large standing cooker with six stoves on the top. With the 6-burner gas cooker, you can cook six different things simultaneously. 

4 Burner Gas Cooker

Four burner gas cookers have four cooking stoves on top. This is the most common type of gas cooker you will find in Nigeria. With this type of cooker, you can cook four different things simultaneously. Most brands will make three gas stoves and one electric stove.

2 Burner Gas Cooker

Two burner gas cookers have two cooking stoves on their top. They are smaller than the four and six-burner cookers. The advantages of two-burner cookers are that they are cheaper and more portable than four and six. 

Type of Gas Cooker By Brand in Nigeria

There are different brands of gas cookers in Nigeria. They are 

  • Nexus gas cooker
  • Skyrun gas cooker
  • Bruhm gas cooker
  • Scanfrost gas cooker
  • Maxi gas cooker
  • Luxell gas cooker 
  • Aeon gas cooker
  • Binatone tabletop gas cooker
  • Haier thermocool gas cooker
  • Century gas cooker

Prices of Gas Cookers in Nigeria

Nexus 4-Burner Standing Gas Cooker

The price of a Nexus gas cooker in Nigeria is ₦ 75,000. 

Types and Prices of Gas Cookers in Nigeria

Nexus is a brand that produces high-quality cooking materials. The Nexus gas cooker is efficient, durable, easy to use and clean. With this gas cooker, you will enjoy unlimited value for your money because it is fast and durable. It has 4 gas burners, a glass oven door and a polished brass burner. 

Skyrun 4 Burner Standing Gas Cooker

The price of a Nexus gas cooker in Nigeria is ₦ 72,000

Gas Cookers in Nigeria

Skyrun is another gas cooker brand in Nigeria. They produce high-quality cooking appliances that last longer. 

  • It features 4 burners that allow you to cook different food simultaneously. 
  • A 52L oven that is suitable for family cooking.
  • Mirror oven glass that resists water and dirt. 

Luxell Table Top Gas Cooker

The price of a Luxell tabletop gas cooker in Nigeria is ₦ 65,000

Types and Prices of Gas Cookers

Luxell is a made in Turkey product that produces high-quality and durable cooking appliances. This tabletop gas cooker body is made with glass to extend its lifetime and durability. 


There are different types and prices of gas cookers in Nigeria. If you want to buy a cooker, you can visit any store and select the best for your needs. 

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