What Are Electric Cookers with Oven Prices in Nigeria?

Do you want to buy an electric cooker? There are lots of advantages to buying an electric cooker. From fast to smokeless and easy cooking, using an electric cooker gives you nothing but the best feeling. What are electric cookers with oven prices in Nigeria? This article looks at different types of electric cookers you can get in Nigeria. 

What Is an Electric Cooker?

An electric cooker is a cooking appliance that is powered by electricity. It can have one, two or four stoves and may come with an oven. Also, it has knobs to determine the temperature of the oven and stoves. Electric cookers provide better cooking and allow the efficient use of electricity. Aside from that, they are quick to use and free of any pollutants to the environment. 

Components of an Electric Cooker

The electric cooker is made of different parts

  • The knobs. Used to control the temperature of the stove or oven.
  • The grill. Used to radiate heat downloaded to cook the food.
  • The oven. Used to cook or bake food. 
  • The stoves. Located on the surface and used to cook food.

Types and Prices of Electric Cookers in Nigeria

New Industrial Electric Cooker With 6 Hot Plates and 1 Oven

Price ₦ 2,500,000

What Are Electric Cookers with Oven Prices in Nigeria?

Do you need a large electric cooker? Or, do you have a large restaurant and need something that will cook your food fast? This industrial electric cooker with six hot plates and one oven is the right appliance for you. You can cook six different recipes simultaneously and bake your favorite food. 

Maxi Gas Cooker 60×90 – 4 GAS & 2 Electric Cookers with Oven 

Price ₦ 215,000

 Electric Cookers with Oven Prices

This is a special kind of electric cooker. It is a hybrid because you can use gas and electricity to power it simultaneously. It comes with four gas stoves and two electric stoves and a shining stainless steel body that is easy to clean. 

Pyramid Hot Plate Double Burner – Grey

Price ₦ 23,500

Hotplate in Nigeria

This portable hot plate has a powerful design that makes it possible to cook food quickly. It is perfect for students and bachelors who have small kitchens. The hot plate is well designed to make your pot sit comfortably on it while you prepare food. 


There are different kinds of electric cookers with ovens that you can find in Nigeria. The prices of electric cookers with an oven in Nigeria vary on the size, brand and whether it has an oven. You should expect to pay something between ₦ 23,500 and ₦ 2500000 for an electric cooker. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Difference Between an Electric Cooker and a Hot Plate?

A hot plate is a portable electric device with a metal plate that is used for cooking, while an electric cooker is a device with hotplates and an oven that uses electricity to cook food.

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