Is Carpet Rug Better than Artificial Grass?

Are you thinking of designing your home’s interior floor? There are several materials property owners can use to make their home interior floor attractive. Installing floor tiles is one way Nigerian homeowners can design their property. Another way you can decorate your home’s interior floor is by laying carpet rugs in your sitting room or your children’s playgrounds. While using floor tiles and carpet rugs in Nigeria are great choices, most Nigerian homeowners use artificial carpet grass. Like carpet rugs, artificial carpet grass provides a soft and attractive surface for you to walk on. The article answers the question, is carpet rug better than artificial grass? 

What Is Artificial Carpet Grass?

Artificial turf is an outdoor and indoor flooring material. The turf was developed in the 1960s to replace natural carpet grass and has since become popular for indoor and outdoor use. Like most synthetic materials, artificial turf is made using nylon or polyethylene in a factory. Synthetic turf made with nylon is stronger and more durable than polyethylene. During the process of making artificial turf, UV inhibitors and colors are added to the raw materials to give it an attractive color. This makes artificial turf perfect for outdoor and indoor installation because the surface texture will last longer. 

What Is a Carpet Rug? 

Technically speaking, carpets and rugs are indoor floors covering materials. But the difference between carpets and rugs is the former covers the ground from wall to wall while the latter is a movable material that spans a small area. But in the modern context and use, homeowners use carpet and rug interchangeably. In Nigeria, carpet is referred to as a flooring material made of plastic, while a rug is made of wool or plastic, depending on the grade. Like artificial carpet grass, carpet rug can be made in a tufting process. 

Tufting is the act of needle punching through a backing material in the form of a loop. It is a weaving technique wherein stripes of cloths, threads, and yarn are pushed through the base material and glued together. Mass-produced carpet rugs are made by machines in a factory. The materials used to make them are synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic. The materials used to make carpet rugs are wool, nylon, olefin, and color. 

Where Can I Use Carpet Rugs in Nigeria?

If you desire a soft surface to walk on in your property, you can use carpet rugs. Most homeowners prefer to lay carpet rugs on their home floor because of the aesthetic it adds to their home. Others love using carpet rugs because it is safe to use. If you have kids, you can use carpet rugs for flooring their playground. Rugs will provide a soft surface for them when they fall while playing. Aside from that, homeowners in Nigeria will find it perfect to install a rug in the center of their sitting room or bedroom. 

Where Can I Use Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Is Carpet Rug Better than Artificial Grass?

There are lots of places homeowners in Nigeria can use artificial turf. If you have a large sitting room, you can lay artificial grass on the floor. The pile of artificial grass is high depending on the height and soft. Unlike carpet rugs that have a short pile, synthetic turf has longer and softer blades. If you want the fluffy feel of real grass when you walk inside your house, you can install artificial carpet grass. 

Speaking of real grass, synthetic turf was developed to replace carpet grass. That is why homeowners in Nigeria can use their turf inside and outside. This is one advantage that artificial carpet grass has over carpet rugs. Property owners can lay artificial turf in their backyard, front yard, and high traffic areas like schools. Since artificial grass is made tough, it will last longer than carpet rug when you use it outdoors. 

Like carpet rugs, artificial grass comes in different colors that make it attractive. Homeowners can get blue, red, yellow, and green artificial grass carpets. And the good side about the color is that it will last long. Another material similar to artificial grass in terms of durability is floor tile. Floor tiles are perfect for interior and exterior flooring in Nigeria. 


Is carpet rug better than artificial grass? Both carpet rug and artificial grass are perfect for indoor flooring. The pile of artificial grass and carpet rugs is soft to walk on. But unlike artificial grass, carpet rugs can only be used in your home interior. 

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