How to Find the Perfect Dispatch Riders Near Me in Nigeria 

As a business that delivers goods to customers far away, you will always need the services of delivery guys. There are lots of them, sure, but finding the best dispatch rider can be a problem, given that most of them are not reliable. Also, you might not be close to a logistics company to be able to contact one easily. This article discusses how to find the perfect dispatch riders near me in Nigeria. 

What Is a Dispatch Rider?

A dispatch rider, also known as a delivery guy, dispatcher, or rider, is someone who helps businesses deliver their products to customers located far away. They often ride bikes and can use cars or trucks to deliver bulky goods. 

What Are the Different Services of Dispatch Riders in Nigeria?

The term dispatch riders originate from military riders that deliver letters from the command center to the frontline. But it has since changed to mean anyone that delivers goods as a service for businesses. To help businesses connect with their customers, dispatch riders do these services. 

  • Run city-to-city delivery services for businesses,
  • Run interstate delivery services,
  • Collect goods from several businesses and delivers to each customer within a short period,
  • Food delivery services.

How Do I Find Delivery Guys Near Me in Nigeria?

How to find the perfect Dispatch rides near me in Nigeria

To find the best dispatch riders, you must look for someone near you. Aside from that, you must determine if you want to go with a company or a registered individual. 

Find a Rider Near You

The best way to get a reliable delivery guy is to look for someone near you. If you live in Ibadan and are near a dispatch rider in Ibadan, you should look inward. Also, if you need a dispatch rider in Lagos because you live there, you should hire someone close to you. 

Check Reviews

Before settling for a dispatch rider, you have to check reviews left by past customers. What to look for are positive reviews. If you read through the reviews and discover that past customers are not satisfied with the services, there is no need to engage the dispatch rider further. 

Reviews are crucial because they help you understand the delivery guy better. Since those that left the review are former customers, they are in a better position to shed more light on the rider’s behavior. 

Check the Rate

How much does the delivery guy charge? Most dispatch riders will charge cheap, while others will charge more. This depends on the rider or the logistics company. While it is best to settle for a rider that charges less, always remember that cheap service is not always good. 

So, check their rate and evaluate their services. If the rate is a little high, but the service is good, you can go for the best quality service to ensure that your customers receive their product in one piece. 

How Much Do Delivery Guys Charge in Nigeria?

The cost of delivering your goods is not fixed. If you want to send a small parcel to your customers, for example, you won’t spend much. 

What affects how much you or your customers will pay for delivery is the distance and weight of the item. If the distance is far, then the charges will be high. Also, if the goods or products to be delivered are heavy, you should expect to pay more money. 


How to find the perfect dispatch riders near me in Nigeria is not difficult. You must check past reviews and rates to determine if the delivery service is right for your business. 

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