Artificial Grass vs Floor Tiles in Nigeria

Are you contemplating installing the perfect outdoor flooring material in your home? There are several outdoor flooring materials homeowners can use on their property. Floor tiles are perfect for every home in Nigeria. The surface texture of floor tile will make your property attractive after installing it. Another outdoor flooring material Nigerian homeowners can use is artificial carpet grass. While both materials are perfect for home improvement in Nigeria, they have differences. This article compares artificial grass vs floor tiles in Nigeria. It helps property developers in Nigeria to make the right choice when selecting the best home improvement material. 

What Is Artificial Carpet Grass?

Nigerian homeowners can use artificial carpet grass to landscape their property as an outdoor flooring material. This material is perfect for home improvement because it is attractive, durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. With artificial grass, homeowners can prevent erosion from eating the topsoil of their property. Artificial turf is made of synthetic material – polythene or nylon. This makes it stronger and better than the natural counterpart – carpet grass. 

Flooring Tiles

Flooring tiles are common in Nigeria. Almost every Nigerian home has floor tiles installed in it. Like artificial grass, floor tiles are synthetic materials that are durable and perfect for home improvement. One thing that makes floor tile similar to artificial grass is that it is easy to maintain, while the surface texture will last longer. The material used to make floor tiles used in Nigeria depends on the type of tiles. Most floor tiles sold in Lagos or Ibadan are ceramic, which can be glazed for internal use or unglazed for external use. Aside from ceramic, other materials used to make floor tiles in Nigeria are glass, concrete and cork. There are also marble, onyx, slate and granite tiles. 

Comparing Artificial Carpet Grass and Floor Tiles

Do you have a home that needs improvement in Nigeria? If you are not familiar with artificial grass and floor tiles, you might not know which one to use. Both floor tiles and artificial grass are good home improvement materials and are perfect for flooring a home. To know which one to select between floor tiles and artificial turf, let’s look at their attributes. 


Artificial grass is durable, and to enjoy a long-lasting turf, homeowners should purchase nylon-made synthetic grass. One quality of good outdoor flooring material is durability. A durable outdoor flooring must be able to resist the elements of weather and human use. Artificial carpet grass is perfect for outdoor flooring in Nigeria because it will resist the weather. Nigerian weather can be hot and dry during the dry season, a condition that easily damages natural carpet grass. But when you install synthetic turf on your property, it will last longer because it is made to resist bad weather. Flooring tiles, like synthetic turf, are durable. Aside from resisting weather, floor tiles will resist human use. This means that constant use will not damage your floor tile after installing it in your home. In terms of durability, artificial grass and floor tiles are similar. 


Artificial Grass vs Floor Tiles in Nigeria

Artificial carpet grass is attractive. There are several colors of artificial grass that homeowners can select when decorating their homes. There is blue artificial carpet grass, red carpet grass, yellow artificial grass, and green synthetic turf. When you install synthetic turf on your property, you will transform the aesthetics. Aside from that, the surface texture of artificial grass will last longer. This is because UV inhibitors are added to the grass to make homeowners enjoy the turf when they lay it on their property. There are different floor tile surface textures. When you go to a floor tile supplier in Nigeria, you will notice different colors that you can select. Like artificial grass, the surface texture of floor tiles will last longer. If you consider outdoor installation, the color of artificial grass is perfect for your home than floor tiles. 


Artificial carpet grass is easy to maintain. Property owners can easily clean their synthetic turf with a broom to remove dirt. Floor tile is also easy to maintain, like synthetic turf. You only have to mop the surface of your tiles to keep them clean. 

Which Should I Select?

Artificial grass vs floor tiles in Nigeria. If you are stuck between selecting artificial grass and floor tile, why not use both. Yes, using artificial grass and outdoor floor tile to improve your home will increase the value. Both materials are durable, strong, and easy to maintain, making them perfect for Nigerian homes. 

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